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Serena: Puke worthy

June 1, 2008

You know who makes ME want to puke, Serena? You. You are just, wow. You have absolutely no sense, do you?

I never thought that I could hate this bad. I thought that I hated Bush but this a zillion times worse. I hate this person with every fiber of my being.

I don’t care what he does or says, I will never vote for this fraud. And I will do every thing I possibly can to help elect John McCain if Hillary is not on the top of the ticket.

He is so disgusting and evil. He makes me want to puke. And the people in that room that took the votes away from the people are no better than him.They are some sick people.

That’s it. I’m done for the night looking at these fools. Instead, I suggest checking out the posts over at Stoopid Comments. Really, friends, these Clintonistas are just..something else.


Average Jane: Woe is Me!

June 1, 2008

Average Jane:

I am so upset! We were a shoe in this year! A friggin cinch and they screwed it totally up! I have waited FOREVER for UHC…FOREVER!! People are friggin DYING out here, hanging on by a damn thread and no one gives a crap! Their blood is on the DNC and Obama’s hands!

Gee, Jane, overreact much? Oh, and do you REALLY think Clinton was going to get Universal Health Care passed? Didn’t work the first time, did it?


June 1, 2008

Pdgrey demonstrates the unreality that is the hardcore Clinton supporter. He/she refuses to recognize that compromises have to be made, that the campaign was NOT all about Hillary, and that when one disagrees with a decision or makes a judgement that differs from yours, it does not make them a Judas. Jeez. Now they say that Hillary was betrayed by her own people. Lovely.

I could not believe Hillary’s people betrayed her. I will never get over this.

OxyCon: Silly or Bitter or Simply Dumb?

June 1, 2008


Obama was given votes that he did not earn. They weren’t his. He didn’t earn them. I don’t give a damn who I piss off, but that makes him the “Affirmative Action” candidate.
Screw him and screw the DNC.


My god, why are these people so dumb??? And, well, nice little subtle racist bit there, Oxy.

Poor Hillary

May 25, 2008


I feel bad for her that she feels so bad about it, as witnessed in her apology.

Because, as usual, nothing Clinton says or does is ever her fault.

Taylor Marsh: Hillary Not Ready at 3am

May 25, 2008

Taylor says Hillary is just tired:

Looking at her make her statement of regret you can see her pain and that she is devastated by what she said, which is clear in the statement below from the Clinton camp.

But anyone believing Clinton was suggesting that an assassination could vault her into… never mind, I can’t even finish the statement. It’s just too ludicrous. But that’s where we are today.

Take the lady at her word. She made a horrible mistake that she regrets. We could all use a day off, which I hope this long weekend will supply.

The implication here, of course, is that Hillary was just oh so worn out from the campaign trail. Well, then, how could one expect her to answer the phone at 3am? Doesn’t..doesn’t that worry anyone? What if she answers the phone at 3am and accidentally orders an assassination because she ‘needed a day off’? Hmm?

The Clinton Camp

May 7, 2008

From Joe Readle, Getty Images, Clinton Supporters Think on These Things

Happiness is…..

A Historic Night: Top Ten Marshian Reactions

May 7, 2008

So, it looks as though Obama wins North Carolina handily and, amazingly, loses to Hillary by about 6 to 8% in Indiana, if that. So, I took a stroll tonight through the Marsh. I hope to have a more extensive stroll later this week, but here are some beauties! We’ll go with, oh, the top 10 most outrageous comments!

10. energy, not racist at all: Exactly what I just told my friend—the blacks vote him in and he has 1 black behind him with the rest white.
Congratulations Obama===you are definitely the “BLACK” candidate.

9. sergei (in response to a commenter suggesting Marsh’s site was an echo chamber): Well, when your pre-exisitng opinions are grounded in facts and logic, having them opposed – i.e. having people be unreasonable and lie to you makes you less than inclined to be welcoming….

8. alice (who obviously is VERY concerned about a candidate who respects women): I would never vote for a candidate whose base calls women wh&^%s.
I will vote for McCcain if the unthinkable happens.
Women need to stop rolling over for the DNC. 

7. ainnj, showing once again that Clintonite=Republican:
Added to my 2300 check for the primary season (officially the rep. primary is still alive) and 2300 for the GE, that makes a total of 4700 for McCain if she steps aside.

6. caringnurse1, definitely not on an unhinged rant:
ichigatsu..I have been lurking in all the blogs for months now, rarely posting, mostly observing..I have seen the hillary supporters being called ole hags, c***, wh***, by you Obama supporters. I have seen lies after lies.. I have seen such hatred out of you obama supporters. Dont you come in here and go spouting off insinuations about this blog.. These people in here have treated me with such respect. You receive what you give. Go back into your own world.. Obama got though the caucases by wrong-doings, Just like Bush promised change, it wasnt good and neither will be Obamas.. Go back to your friends who support the God D*** America people. Stay out of here. These people in here are good, decent, patriotic Americans..Now, in honor of you, I will go back to my site and donate another $500 in behalf of Hillary and these decent people in here..Did you read this ? ICHIGATSU?..Bye everyone!!!

5. SensibleWoman, who perhaps does not see the…problem..with the following:
He has certainly been supportive of his wife, hasn’t he? No male ego problem there.

4. 48 is just idiotic and cannot read poll data:
Having to listen to the Obama crap on TV is sickening. He was supposed to win there and Indiana. So Hillary pulled an upset in Indiana but that story, which is a bigger story quite frankly, is not being mentioned.

3. ginaswo, just, well, oh, I can’t really say anything:
yeah we HIllary supporters are CRUDE and IGNORANT according to you whining elitist prcxks
damn wont you feel bad if you steal this by cutting out MI and FL..
and you will have to cry cry cry as your candidate LOSES the GE due to us cursin ignorant savages

2. Nomobama, who apparently believes that Obama can only win by cheating:
Unfortunately, Hillary is losing Marion county Indiana (Indianapolis area) convincingly. I wonder how much has to do with fraud? With 30% of the vote in, she is losing 26,473 to 17,261.

1. patsy, with the reaction of the night to the stunning Indiana margin:
This is not right. Marion County is the one on the election fraud tape.
There is no way possible this is legit. They are screwing Senator Clinton. Look at the map of indiana on CNN and notice the pattern. They called NC almost ten minutes after the polls closed.
You would have to be an idiot to not see what the hell is going on. I hope that put these people up under the fucking jail house when this comes out.
You would have to be stupid to believe this crap

And so there is your top ten for the evening! Some lovely ones! They are really flipping over at Taylor Marsh’s swamp over tonight!

Don’t You Marshians Think About What You Are Saying?

April 26, 2008

Look, Joe, when you say things like what I link to below, you simply come across as completely hypocritical. WHY SHOULD OBAMA SUPPORTERS VOTE FOR CLINTON IF SHE ‘STEALS’ THE NOMINATION???? What makes you think that his supporters will come back to Clinton? Because African Americans, young people, activists, and other Obama supporters would never vote McCain? Okay..well, guess what. They can stay home too. And Hillary loses. And you whiny Marshians will blame Obama. It’s pathetic.
I’m contributing to the division. I know. But these folks silly comments need to be brought to light. They claim to be Democrats, to be progressives, and yet, they refuse to consider that people have valid reasons for their vote, that someone is NOT a ‘Judas’ for supporting Obama, and that EITHER Democrat is better than McCain.
Okay, here is Bazooka to the Brain Joe:

The DNC is making the fatal assumption (induced by too much Kool-aid) that we Hill supporters would toe the line once the Whiny Fraud is crowned in Denver. It never really crosses their mind that we would refuse to vote for the Precious in November.

‘It burns me up!’

April 26, 2008

JB4Now is a bit upset:

And they had an article, on there about one of Hillary’s major campaigner, Gabriel Guerra-Mondragon, has been brought by Obama, he claims it was a hard decision, but he don’t believes, Hillary, can win so he’s going over to Obama’s side.

What gives, and why, aren’t all of Hillary’s people loyal to her, that just burns me up!!!!!!!

Could it be because, you know, this guy wants to do what is best to the party and the country, and no one is owed loyalty just because of who they are? This isn’t a monarchy, Marshian.