Don’t You Marshians Think About What You Are Saying?

Look, Joe, when you say things like what I link to below, you simply come across as completely hypocritical. WHY SHOULD OBAMA SUPPORTERS VOTE FOR CLINTON IF SHE ‘STEALS’ THE NOMINATION???? What makes you think that his supporters will come back to Clinton? Because African Americans, young people, activists, and other Obama supporters would never vote McCain? Okay..well, guess what. They can stay home too. And Hillary loses. And you whiny Marshians will blame Obama. It’s pathetic.
I’m contributing to the division. I know. But these folks silly comments need to be brought to light. They claim to be Democrats, to be progressives, and yet, they refuse to consider that people have valid reasons for their vote, that someone is NOT a ‘Judas’ for supporting Obama, and that EITHER Democrat is better than McCain.
Okay, here is Bazooka to the Brain Joe:

The DNC is making the fatal assumption (induced by too much Kool-aid) that we Hill supporters would toe the line once the Whiny Fraud is crowned in Denver. It never really crosses their mind that we would refuse to vote for the Precious in November.


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