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Stoopid Comments

May 28, 2008

The name says it all. Stoopid is as stoopid says!


Clinton as Christ

April 26, 2008

JB4Now makes the obvious connection. Clinton is, of course, Christ, and those who choose to not support her for one reason or another, well they should love Her,

But these GREEDY JUDASES, would rather turn their back on true friendship. Shame, Shame..

Let’s Live in the Echo Chamber

April 26, 2008

It is good to see that like Republicans, Marshians and many of their fellow Clintonites enjoy hearing other points of view:

William, I’m with you. I refuse to visit Kos, Huffpo, or any other pro-BO site.

Pot, Meet Kettle

April 26, 2008

InkSlayer apparently is unable to see the complete and utter hypocrisy of the following statement:

I have never read a more hate filled anti Hillary piece of crap in my life. This Tom Hayden fool seems to think the Democrat Party only belongs to the MoveOn Daily WacKos crowd.

And so then, Inky my friend, who DOES the Party belong to? Clintonites and Marshians? Is anyone else allowed in your little club? Grow up. Oh, and this piece of unreality is brought to us by Inky’s reading of this Hayden article. Thanks for the read, Inky!

Legitimate Democrats

April 26, 2008

William rants:

No matter how this turns out, I would strongly reecommend that every Hillary supporter NEVER visit Kos, Huffpo or any of the pro-Obama sites again. Let’s see how they make do with one small segment of the Democratic Party as a reader and subscriber base. And I personally will never watch Olbermann again, or indeed any of the shows which feature a bunch of anti-Clinton pundits. I’ll miss following politics so closely, but I’ll get more fresh air, feel less stressed, and enjoy the ratings going down and the heads rolling. And I’ll spend my political time working for legitimate Democrats, not this bunch of corrupt elitists.

So, legitimate Democrats like former Republican voter Taylor Marsh? Or Larry Johnson? or one of the other lovely pro-Clinton/anti-Obama sites like Little Green Footballs, or the Corner, or Fox News? Good idea, William.
I love how we have all decided who gets to be a ‘legitimate’ Democrat. Who do you ostracize next?

Delayed Again, naturally

April 24, 2008

It’s exam time, and unforunately this means that Wednesday’s usual post was delayed. Expect a lovely stroll through Marsh land this weekend!

If anyone finds a doozy, send the link! Thanks to those that do!

Oh, and we have our first birthing class tonight! Woohoo! 🙂



April 17, 2008

listen should read:

Those negatives for Hillary can go up all they want. If there is anything this election has taught me is that Hillary and us will survive it. Hillary’s negatives have always been high and guess what, she is still in the damn frigging race. The longer this race goes on, the better for Hillary. More people are getting to meet Hillary and that is having some effect.

Let’s have a reading comprehension lesson. Hillary’s negatives keep going up. ‘More people are getting to meet Hillary and that is having some effect.’ Now, one wonders what that effect could be.

Hillary Clinton=Woman of the People

April 17, 2008

reality based:

That Michelle is jes’ plain folks ain’t she? We all can identify with that big salary bump she got about the time her hubby earmarked some public money for her employer. We all have our kids’ $10,000 music lesson bills to pay for

That Hillary Clinton is jes’ plain folks ain’t she? We can all identify with a woman who has lived in a mansion since 1978 and is worth over 100 million bucks.

Things that make you go ‘hmmmmm’

April 17, 2008


The entire campaign of obama has been negative from the start beginning w/online blogging attacking Hillary Clinton personally. There is a huge difference between Clinton and Obama bloggers – anyone can tell you this!

Noelle has apparently never actually visited any other pro-Clinton bloggers…or read her friends comments at Taylor’s Swamp. This really is one of those

Taylor Marsh Exposed

April 3, 2008

We would be remiss if we did not bring a wonderful post from an interesting blog pointed to by our friend CaliTejano. It’s all about Taylor Marsh! Here’s a bit of it, by the wonderfully named John Brown of Kansas:

If I wanted to Taylor Marsh myself, I could be the next big thing at HuffPo. Yeah, I’d have to cut out a lot of the “fuck” and “shit” you find here. I’d need a proofreader, too. I’d have to sacrifice anonymity and just go nuts with it… That’d be tough…

But if I was willing to be as brazen and audacious as Taylor Marsh, I’d be big time.

Maybe I’ll do that. Maybe I’ll make this blog disappear, buy a new domain, put together a hot looking site with a few glossies of me, write a check to Author House, upload a few “radio shows”, shine up my resume and go Big Time.

Maybe not.

Taylor, if you’re reading this…

Your punditry sucks ass, but you’re one helluva self-promoter. Use your powers for good instead of evil and you might just have a fan in John Brown.

I suppose the other Marsh lesson is even more important. If you’re listening to someone and taking them seriously, you might want to make sure they’re worth taking seriously. Am I? Is she? It’s worth some thought.