Liz007: ‘TalkLeft is Fair and Balanced’

So looks as though Liz will provide us with entertainment for awhile! This one is rich:

I really wish you would drop the condescending and hateful attitude when it comes to me. It is getting tiresome. I don’t go to any hate Obama websites. I spend most of my time either reading The Page or Talkleft. At least there is some intelligent conversation left there.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Talk Left is not an anti-Obama hate site? It has intelligent conversation? Wow. Liz truly IS a silly person! Check the update over at Cole’s Place.


One Response to “Liz007: ‘TalkLeft is Fair and Balanced’”

  1. Natascha Says:

    Don’t mess with Liz… she’s 18 and knows about “brutal Chicago politics.” Give me a fucking break.

    I honestly think she pisses me off the worst.

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