Yup, this is a biased site. We here at the Taylor Marsh Experience are simply trying to expose to the world the rank hypocrisy and generally angry and silly rantings of posters over at Taylor Marsh’s venomous anti-Obama site, with some commentary as well. Oh, and we will occassionally post pro-Obama links intended to, yes, contradict the idea that Hillary is a great leader of any kind.

Go Obama.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Ellen Says:

    I don’t even know how I got to this site….but you have made my day!! Seriously, I occassionally go over to TM – at first I had no idea who she was or what to expect. Eventually, I became addicted to reading this crap!! I posted comments (and was called the most vile names – I can’t tell you!) that were NOT praising Hillary.. eventually stopped that silliness as I did not like to be called something I’m not.
    All these comments you post…I remember most of them and I reacted exactly as you have-so much so that I wanted to just scream at these people! And I couldn’t understand why I even bothered….so I am so glad to see your site here!! I just laughed my way through most of it (can’t believe how much time you must put into this-I would not have the patience).
    Keep it up….this is a treasure! Maybe you can try doing the same with hillaryis44.org? That one is absolutely vicious on Obama – frankly I would be nervous to rant on them – don’t know where they come from!

  2. Suzanne Says:

    “Oh, and we will occasionally post pro-Obama links intended to, yes, contradict the idea that Hillary is a great leader of any kind.” OF ANY KIND???

    WOW – nothing “venomous” about THAT! And certainly not “vicious.” I’m sure you believe you are just posting a fact about Clinton.

    Yup, you’re biased all right. But you need to get a grip on your Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

    I need to go over to Taylor Marsh to post some angry and silly rantings. Bye.

  3. bostondreams Says:

    Have fun with your angry and silly rantings. Thanks for visiting. Bye. And I voted for her husband twice. I’ll probably vote for her if she is the nominee. I am not deranged about Hillary Clinton. I just do not find her a palatable candidate. Unlike your friends at Taylor Marsh, however, I am not a closet Republican who prefers 4 years of John McCain over a Democrat. Many of Clinton’s supporters, and many of Obama’s supporters, are like little children who will take their ball if they do not win. It’s silly and counterproductive. This is an Obama site, so I focus on outrageous things that Clintonites say. Taylor focuses on outrageous things Obamaniacs say. It’s the internet. Why be so stupidly pissy about it?

  4. Suzanne Says:


    I think that once this primary season is over, both Obama supporters and Clinton supporters will see the light and vote for the Democrat. Which is what I plan to do. I think everyone is just caught up in the excitement, mania, fever or whatever you want to call it. So we go to sites that support our candidate and take issue with the ones that don’t. It’s too bad there doesn’t seem to be room for honest disagreement without name calling and demonizing either Clinton or Obama.

    I think what you see at Taylor Marsh is backlash against Hillary-hatred. Backlash against a biased media that is soft on Obama and tough on Clinton. So if some of the posters seem to go overboard, my feeling is that it’s because of the lopsidedness of the coverage.

    I am no closet Republican, and have never voted for a Republican presidential candidate. I can’t speak for others on Taylor Marsh’s site. I just think they will come around once we have a candidate;it’s just my opinion. I believe cooler heads will prevail once it’s over.

    BTW, love the phrase “stupidly pissy.” I plan to use that one sometime, somewhere.

  5. bostondreams Says:

    Suzanne, you are right, certainly, especially about the demonizing, and I apologize if I came off on a rant in response to you. I do hope you are right about cooler heads. I have my doubts however, reading those comments.

  6. Delia Says:

    I found this site from Balloon Juice. I think it’s great. The comments you’re posting speak for themselves. I was a big supporter of the Clintons in the 90s, and really weighed my options when Edwards withdrew from the race. I made my choice based on my opinions that Obama’s performance as a candidate was improving rapidly from the early days, and Clinton’s was turning negative. Also, she was unsatisfactory about her vote to authorize the war. I didn’t vote by what the media or the blogs said, but what the candidates themselves said. Since that time I’ve grown more and more disgusted with her negativity. Sorry, Clintonites, that’s the way it is. And the fact that many are hanging out with members of the VRWC (including Hillary) speaks for itself.

    Thanks for this site.

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