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A Marshian Criticizes ‘Fox Tactics.’ At last! Oh, wait.

April 26, 2008


There is a concerted squeeze play being put on Hillary by the DNC crew and Rep. Clyburn. Clyburn is using Fox tactics to scare people by using the “some people say” garbage.

C’mon, you know what I am going to point out. Um, hey Jack? Have you visited this site? It’s full of people praising the use of Fox tactics against a Democrat, and even praise for folks like Hannity and O’Reilly! Oh, it’s so good to see Democrats decry this! Wait, you are a Marshian. Never mind.


Unbiased Media

April 26, 2008

Bet605, completly oblivious to reality:

On the Hannity show Hucklebee stated that Hamas thinks Obama should be our next president. He said we then should think Hmmm maybe there is a reason we shouldn’t pick Obama? It is too bad that the other network shows cannot be as supportive against Obama.

And, hmmm, what will this lovely Marshian say when THE EXACT SAME THING is said about Clinton when Hamas come out in favor of the Democrat in the general? Of course he/she will find the media accurate and unbiased.

So stupid.

A Funhouse Mirror

April 3, 2008

Bluesky holds up a mirror to his/her fellow Marshians and Clintonites. Must be a funhouse mirror!

Our Side:

A large crowd of calm, cool, and collected people standing together, and standing strong all with a look of dismay on their faces. Some scratching their heads, some snickering, all with raised eyebrows.And behind us are Hillary, Bill and Chelsea taking it to the people, talking about the issues, and holding large rallies of happy cheering Americans.

Bluesky, have you READ Talkleft or Taylor Marsh or your fellow Marshians??? Wow.

Here is the REAL Image that Bluesky sees:

Hmm..Hadn’t realized that Clintonites spoke a Swiss tongue. How odd!

Taylor Marsh Fans 8> Bill O’ and Sean Hannity

April 3, 2008

OHvoter, as others of his/her ilk do, prove his/her Democratic bonfides, suggesting this approach to Randi Rhodes’ shall we say, unfortunate, comments concerning Clinton (which, by the way, were NO WORSE than what these ‘Democrats’ spit out on Marsh’s site about Obama daily):

I don’t know if this has been suggested, but I think we should send the link to this video to O’Reilly and Hannity. This would be right up their ally. What do you think?

We here at the TM Experience want to say again how nice it is that Clintonites are fans of Hannity and O’Reilly. We are sure that this fandom will continue as Hannity and O’Reilly discuss Whitewater, the Clinton Library, Clinton in Bosnia, and so on if Clinton wins the nomination.

Honesty, Thy Name is Clinton

March 28, 2008


Hillary is not going to always be perfect. I will not accept that she intentionally made this minor (in my opinion) error. I know, she has to be so careful because of the bias in the media. But, come on, so there were no bullets flying over her head, she still made the trip and was at risk.
Let’s give this great woman a break, no one else will!

Once again, we see a contradiction here. When Clinton makes an ‘error,’ it’s not intentional; when Obama makes an ‘error,’ its a conspiracy of vast proportions. Wow.

How Big is Your Head, Really?

March 19, 2008

Getting a little full of themselves, aren’t they?

There are 4 things that he could say to 4 constituencies that could stop the bleeding and reposition him as a fierce competitor in this race.

Because I know that BO’s staff reads these comments – I will post the specifics after his speech. I am not going to help him in case I have misread his intelligence and awareness of his situation (Lol).

Another game of ‘Who said this?’

March 5, 2008

Rizzo: Third time the press has tried to make it a do or die situation for the Clinton campaign, and third time victorious.

Hey, Rizzo, who said this?

“If she wins Texas and Ohio I think she will be the nominee. If you don’t deliver for her, I don’t think she can be.”

Any guesses? Rizzo? Right! Bill Clinton!

Cackling Crows

March 5, 2008

Well, it looks as though it was a rough night for Obama; Clinton took Ohio and looks to take Texas, though the latter is close. We here at the TM Experience will provide some of the best comments from Taylor’s Clintonite Horde as soon as we can. However, here is my favorite so far. It’s so good to see Clintonites with class..and a really bad memory.

Northwest Rain, responding to a comment that a Clinton/Obama ticket would be unbeatable:
Sorry Andrys — you are nuts. Obama would horribly injure a Hillary Clinton campaign.

1) Nafta gate — Obama gate

2) Rizko

3) The mansion with the shady history.

4) Obama’s basic lack of experience.

Clinton needs someone like Wes Clark — who has the experience and he is a true intellectual!

Obama is a WIMP. He is a loser! He is a liar! and Obama hates women.

Oh, so much class. Northwest Rain thinks OBAMA is compromised? Wait until the Republicans pull out the Clinton Library in the general election, with its associated pardons and favors (see here, here, here, among others), assuming she is the nominee. You want to play the scandal game, we can play the scandal game!

And of course, we have the old ‘Obama is a sexist’ meme that runs rampant. Don’t these people have any sense?

‘As far as I know…’

March 3, 2008

We here at the TM Experience just can’t get to bed. Here’s Hillary on Obama’s Muslim connections. We are pretty sure that we hear a dogwhistle or two aimed at ‘Scary Obama Muslim voters.’ Why can’t she just say no?

Weekend Top 10 from Taylor Marsh’s Friends

March 3, 2008

Well, we here at the TM Experience have been caught on paintng, grading papers and writing a thesis (or trying to),  so apologies for the delayed blogging. To make it up to, we give you the Top 10 Comments Found  on Taylor Marsh’s House of Clinton Worship.

10. wodiej: Shame on every single person in the media, and everywhere else who not only does not have the sense to suport Hillary but who goes out of their way to be mean, rude and dishonest about her. Shame, shame, shame on them!! (So, the media should automatically support Clinton; and those that do not lack sense? I thought they were supposed tobe unbiased. As far rude, mean, and dishonest: pot, meet kettle.)

9. William: [arguing that Clinton is more electable] Because he has no military support except for McPeak, while Clinton has immense military support? (Um, she might have some flag officers, but Obama has the support from those that matter: enlisted men. Sorry, William.)They must be effing kidding. They think that the contest is tearing the Party apart? No; actually Obama if nominated and elected is going to make it impossible for a partisan, core Democrat to ever be elected again; because Obama is going to set the template for a nonpartisan Democratic Party, allowing people and media to reject every Democrat for the next fifty years who is not a centrist non-partisan like Obama. So keep on pushing your Party to the brink of de facto oblivion, guys. (Um, I KNOW you are not saying that Hillary is NOT a centrist? The woman whose husband lived his presidency through the principle of centrism?)

8. Sally: The almost insurmountable advantage BO has is being Black (and male). (wow, welcome to right wing talking points. Just go ahead and say he’s an affirmative action baby, Sally. Stupid. Just another example of the racism inherent in First and Second Wave Feminism, I guess.)

7. Tim: I made an alter on top of a low Chinese table and had a big Hillary for President sign in back and then “100 Reasons to Vote for Hillary” on top and another Hillary pamphlet. Then I lit my Virgin Mary of Guadalupe candle and said a prayer asking God to help Hillary become our nominee and President because after having to endure the worse President for 7 years America and the world needs someone talented and that we need the superior person for helping America solve its’ problems. (And OBAMA is the cult? Apparently, Hillary is now the Savior sent by God.)

6. Dofogo: I know Hillary will pull this one out, but do these hateful bloggers realize that in order to get their Obama in the White House, they need EVERY DEMOCRATS vote, that includes the millions of people who have voted for Hillary? [You do realize, Dofogo, that Clinton will need EVERY DEMOCRATS vote as well? And that hateful bloggers liek Taylor Marsh and her ilk have turned off Democrats who might otherwise support Clinton? Yes, it goes both ways!] I guess it’s a mute point because Hillary will pull this out. Americans will realize that Hillary is the only qualified candidate. We don’t want our President to have on the job training again. Look where the last 8 years got us. [What experience, again? A one and half term Senator who has never had to struggle for much in her life after college, and whose experience as First Lady DID NOT include a security clearance?]

5. Taylor Marsh! The blind faith nature of many, though not all, of Obama’s fans just doesn’t work for me. I don’t want to be anywhere near it. [ your own comments section lately? You must have, since you post there. Hillary is apparently the savior and America’s only hope, according to your own readers. When, oh when, will Taylor Marsh stand up and denounce those cult like followers of Clinton posting at her site that have infused Hillary’s campaign with a messianic fervor?]

4. OleYellowDog: speaking of apostate islamist: [Links to a piece on Little Green Footballs about Obama being a Muslim. I refuse to link to it. Apparently Hillary supporters like Right wing/racist/bigoted talking points when it acn help them. OleYellowDog is an OleYellowScumbucket. Good to see Clintonites showing their true colors.]

3. IzzyVt: Just add Rezko to the growing list of examples that clearly show Obama’s lack of good judgment. [HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Good judgement? You wnat to use a connection to scandal as an example of Obama’s lack of good judgement? That’s just RICH.]

2. Boohall: The party has been working against Hillary long before the campaign began. [Um, Clinton was preordained as the frontrunner a year ago.] The Michigan and Florida fix was designed to help Obama delegate count before a vote was cast because they knew she would win there.
Howard Dean has been the biggest mistake and if we win it will be thanks to the 8 year Bush League and in spite of Howard.
[Wow, Boohall is 5 flavors of ignorant. Ever heard of the 50 state strategy, Boohall? It helped win the Dems Congress (for all the good that has done), and it’s a Dean creation. Your candidate was oblivious. As to Michigan and Florida, well, ALL candidates agreed to ignore those states. Why won’t Clinton stick to her word?]

1. Taylor Marsh: Obama’s judgment in allowing someone like Rezko to bankroll his early political beginnings, with a relationship that goes back almost two decades, with Obama then ignoring Rezko’s unraveling until way too late, goes to the very heart of judgment. Glass houses, stones and hypocrisy come to mind. [Hey, Taylor. Here’s a number: 31.3 Million. Look it up. Here’s the link. Glass houses, stones, and all that. This story needs to get more play!]

And so that’s the Top Ten for this weekend. Check back later this week, when the Taylor’s Terrific Tattlers will either be crowing or crying. Let’s hope the latter, but either way, see you soon!