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Taylor Marsh: True to Her Word

June 26, 2008

I have trashed Taylor Marsh quite a bit for allowing her site to become a festering swamp of anti-Obama hate. That being said, she posted months ago that she would fight McCain whoever the nominee was. She has been true to her word. For example,

Hillary has asked her delegates and her financial backers to support Barack Obama and do everything they can to elect him. She wants her supporters to do the same. If anyone thinks Hillary wants McCain elected they don’t know Senator Clinton. There is no way she’d embrace any Democrat who supported her endorsing John bomb-bomb-bomb Iran McCain.

SOME of her commenters are still nuts, but Taylor, at least, recognizes the situation and is part of the reality-based community.


Iron Man: Let’s be Honest

June 1, 2008

Iron Man deserves credit for this. He has at least tried to be realistic and reasonable. Too bad he cannot get others to agree.

How can you say its stolen. Although i’ve been a supporter, I have to be honest. Hil will have the max popular vote and thats something we can argue. But the standard is delegates and he leads now and would even if FLA and MI were fully seated. Even HRC would need superdels to win. I’m not prepared to say that if the superdels go to her that she stole the nomination. I don’t think its honest to say it if they go to him. We have enough to be mad about w/out being intellectually dishonest.

Sanity, Yes, Sanity at Taylor Marsh

June 1, 2008

RuthM shows some reason. She must be new to the place.

Hi Tony Mann
It is a free country, Tony Mann. If you don’t like the Democratic Party then start your Tony Mann Party. I don’t like how Hillary is being treated but I won’t be voting for McOld
because we are the same age and I hardly have the energy to empty my colostomy bag much less run the United States
Go Tony. Go.


Naturally, she has no allies there. Give it up, Ruth. These folks are dead enders.

Taylor Deserves Credit

May 19, 2008

I’ve been highly snarky and critical about Taylor Marsh and her commenters, but I have to say that I have really appreciated Taylor’s comments and fury about her own commenters recently. After reading what was said after the hospitalization of Kennedy (some of which I have captured here), she exploded:

After a very long day yesterday, coming home to the comments on the Senator Edward Kennedy post was a sharp blow. I have never been more disappointed in this community during the primary season than when I read some of your comments. They have been deleted, with posting to that thread disabled. It’s the second time in a week I’ve had to disengage comments. We’ve had a lot of trouble in the comments recently and I realize I can’t nor do I want to control anyone, but the lack of humanity from some of you towards Senator Kennedy was embarrassing. I was appalled. That you weren’t was alarming.

The other aspect is the cowardice of many people to not jump in and rebut what was being said. That’s the only way this community can work, because I can’t babysit you, though after yesterday it’s clear that’s what some of you require. So to those of you emailing me saying your were disappointed, but didn’t have the spine to stand up in the comments yourself, stuff it. You’re just as bad as the people who made the comments.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy has given his life to this country. The Lion of the Senate has given his all to make this party and the policies for which we stand stronger through legislation. Read this guest post by Mash to see what Senator Kennedy has meant to people around the world. He has given his entire life to this country, but the causes to which he’s committed knows no geographical bounds. He’s not perfect, who is? But I am so proud of his work on behalf of Democrats, the poor and working people I cannot explain the respect I have for the fights he’s waged. One of those includes standing up against Iraq preemption when nobody else did, with many in the Senate, including Senator Hillary Clinton, voting to give Bush power he didn’t deserve and should never had.

Seeing what unfolded yesterday upon returning home got my Irish-Scots blood up. That you have such disrespect for the work we do here leaves me livid.

So let me make this clear. Anyone ever posting such hateful drivel again will be banned. I don’t care if this blog goes down to 10 commenters, with 3 of them being me, Scan and Grey, but I will not condone, support, tolerate or accept comments attacking someone like Edward M. Kennedy when he’s lying in a hospital bed facing serious health conditions. That I have to even say this is pathetic and illustrates the rancid level of partisanship to which many have stooped.

Really, as Calitejano points out, Taylor is trying to start the process of unification, and while she remains an opponent of Obama and firm Hillary supporter, she deserves credit for at least trying to dial down the rhetoric. But, really, ma’am, after all the vitriol your commenters have posted over the past couple of months, could you expect otherwise from them? As you say, they do disservice to your candidate. Still, thanks for trying to restore some sense of decorum.
Of course, these folks will still be a fun read! Wonk has some nice ones posted!

The Fraud

April 17, 2008

Fredster, actually allowed to bring sense to Taylor Marsh’s friends:

So she’s from the South Side of Chicago eh?

No offense intended here, but I’ve never heard a Yankee dropping g’s the way she is in her speech. It comes across as very phoney. I’m sorry but I don’t believe you are runnin’, cussin’, speakin’, (or for that matter) shootin’, drinkin’ or “clingin” to yor Bible.

Michelle this is called an affectation. The definition of affectation can be found here:

Michelle it’s something the elite do sometimes to be in touch with someone they are trying to talk to. It’s also called pandering.

Good luck getting that to stick, Fred!

Taylor Defends the Press!

March 28, 2008

Taylor Marsh, reacting in her comments section to those who are angry at the media discussion of Clinton’s Bosnia trip:

With due respect, riverdaughter, I’ve written on swiftboating for years, including lengthy pieces on it. If you don’t remember the Patriot Project in 2004, it was ground zero for swiftboating, in which I was intensely involved. This isn’t swiftboating.

Additionally, no one is saying Clinton doesn’t have foreign policy experience, so there’s no need to get defensive.

Wolfson was reading from “Living History.”

Clinton misspoke about the event. It happens. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t a dangerous situation.

As for Clark, that has nothing to do with this situation. Of course it was dangerous, which is where Clinton should have ended it.

Credit where it is due; Taylor at last refuses to defend a Clinton ‘mistake.’

McCain Democrat Alert: Taylor Marsh Commenters Support War in the Middle East

March 19, 2008

Rick Taylor comments on the dangers of McCain, over at Taylor Marsh:

I just posted on this on another thread, so I’ll just repeat myself here. Anyone who lives in a swing state and who’s seriously considering sitting out the November election or voting for McCain if the democratic nominee they favor doesn’t win, please please please consider this gaffe. This is a level of ignorance about a vital American interest that ought to be unthinkable in someone running for the Presidency of the United States. We’ve been living the last seven years with an administration with strong ideological opinions and very little actual competence, and we’ve seen the results. This country and the world can’t take another four years of this.

The reaction? Well, mostly predictable:

I’ll vote for McCain (or write Hillary in) if Obama is the candidate. I will vote straight Democrat down ticket. I’m not “ignorant” or “uninformed”, nor am I a fool.

I had a request for donation to Obama from Ted Kennedy today. How dare him put me on his mailing list. I’ve asked to be taken off his and Kerry’s list months ago. I just sent it back with a demand to take my name off their list. It’s going to take a while to get over anger at the Democratic party.

and here is nzanh:
I have never voted for a Republican since I began to vote in the early 80s. And of course, Hillary is the candidate that I’m backing to the end. I believe she will be the nominee after a hard fought battle. However, in the event that does not happen and BO actually pulls it off, I probably will have to vote for JM. He’s certainly would bring a lot of experience with him and I do like the way he does’t kow-tow slavishly to the conservatisve line. He also works with Dems–much more than BO ever has. A case can be made that he is more the uniter than BO. Also Hillary seems to have more confidence in JM than BO. She has indicated that with her own words. BO’s arrogance and duplicity makes him a non-starter with me.

You know what is funny? If and when Obama wins the nod, and if he loses the general election because pissed off Hillary fans who laughingly call themselves ‘Democrats’ vote for McCain, they will blame the Democratic Party and will refuse responsibility for putting a Warmonger into office. All because their savior Hillary, she who can do no wrong, did not win the nomination. Here is there preferred candidate in an Obama versus McCain race:

Credit Where Due

March 19, 2008

A lone voice in the wilderness over at Taylor’s Den of Obama Derangement:

Yes but are we always distinguishing well between inflammatory and constructive discussion? (I am not pointing fingers, because I am sure I have this problem too.) Sometimes people want to say something and they just aren’t that articulate. Besides what I heard Wright say was “God damn America for killing innocent people,etc.” That’s significantly different than just saying “F* America, get out yer guns.” I felt he might be referring to Vietnam, El Salvador, Jim Crow etc. Patriotic folks may hear and want to make America a better place the legal and constitutional way. I am only defending Wright on that one statment.

That’s from the Hillary supporter calling him/herself ‘mui.‘ We here at the Taylor Marsh Experience always enjoy encountering a reasonable and sane wanderer in the Marsh.

Voice of Reason

February 15, 2008

We here at the TM Experience (All Rights, yadda yadda) do seek to be fair and balanced about the charmers over at Taylor Marsh, so here is a voice in the wilderness. Jkfriz writes

A cursory review of these comments reveals comparisons of Obama to Jim Jones, L. Ron Hubbard, and Hitler (twice). We can have honest disagreements about candidates’ policy, and we can debate the worth of lofty rhetoric as a teaching tool in the campaign. But why – in an election with record turnout numbers and widespread enthusiasm for BOTH candidates by BOTH of their supporters – do we have to be so insistent on the superiority of one candidate that we demonize the other. Hillary is NOT a closet neocon, or a dirty campaigner, or a racist. Obama is not a Republican “Manchurian Candidate,” or a cult leader, or a sexist.

Way to go, JK, but you are screaming in the Wilderness. The only one to hear you is Goodman Brown. But its nice to try.