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Liz007: ‘I’m an oblivious fool’

June 26, 2008

Liz seems to, you know, not pay attention:

I really wish Barack Obama would make a concerted effort to denounce/ debunk or reject his anti-American friends/ associates and to really address the internet rumors that are preventing millions of democrats from voting for him. Give us 10 townhalls and 2 more debates with McCain…

Gee, Liz, where in the name of McCain have you been for the past 4 months? You do not recall this inane argument before? Oh, and as to the Internet ya go.


William: We are ALL Fascists Now

June 1, 2008

William has a huge, long, well though out, and completely silly and deranged comment. It’s too wordy to post. Just read it. And William, if you think this is fascism, I suggest you visit Chile or Argentina in the 1970’s, Spain from the 40’s to the 80’s, or, you know, the Third Reich or Mussolini’s Italy. You, sir, are just dumb.

Ginaswo: Ignorant as usual

June 1, 2008

Gina, as she usually does, shows her ignorance of our nation.

b/c as an AMERICAN

I refuse to accept it





Um, Gina, nowhere in the Constitution does it say anything about political parties or delegates. So, um, yeah, learn some facts and face reality.

SergeiRostov: Ignorant Fool

June 1, 2008

Sergei Rostov is a moron. There is no doubt about it. And these folks claim to be the smart, real Democrats.

You do recognize that last fall, Harold Ickes led the Clinton delegation on the rules committee to discredit the MI and FL primaries, right? Or no?
teebob2000 |
First I’ve heard this. Cite a source.

Okay, Sergei, here ya go.

On Florida and Michigan, the campaign again said voters in those states should not be “disenfranchised” and that the states were important to the Democratic Party’s fortunes. Ickes also said Clinton didn’t vote on the DNC rules.

But Ickes did. And he voted in August to strip Florida and Michigan of their delegates as a sitting member of the Rules and Bylaws Commission.

“There’s been no change,” Ickes said, adding that he was then acting as a member of the Rules and Bylaws Committee “not acting as an agent of Sen. Clinton. We had promulgated rules — if Florida and Michigan violated those rules” they’d be stripped of their delegates. “We stripped them of all their delegates in order to prevent campaigns to campaign in those states.”

OxyCon: Silly or Bitter or Simply Dumb?

June 1, 2008


Obama was given votes that he did not earn. They weren’t his. He didn’t earn them. I don’t give a damn who I piss off, but that makes him the “Affirmative Action” candidate.
Screw him and screw the DNC.


My god, why are these people so dumb??? And, well, nice little subtle racist bit there, Oxy.

‘Good of the Country’

May 13, 2008

Bush voter lisalisalisa says declaratively:

i’m not concerned about the good of the party. i’m concerned about the good of the country. i will not tow the party line should they force obama as the nominee.

i will vote mccain.

Well, she has to be a Bush voter, doesn’t she, if she believes that McCain is for ‘the good of the country’? McCain, really? Go read some Oliver Willis and see if you still feel that way.


May 13, 2008

Deni is so grateful because

It’s funny when you make the phone calls how many people are so misinformed not only because they just watch one channel or another they don’t care to confirm. Many choose to believe without research. This is one of the reasons I treasure this site. TM has lead by example of posting with reference so that we can vet all information.

Well, apparemtly, Deni, you need to share this stuff with WV and other Clintonites, because they sure do not SOUND informed.

For example:
“He’s a half-breed and he’s a Muslim. How can you trust that?”
oh, and there is this lovely bit. Real aware, these folks. I wonder if they have heard from the Nigerian foreign minister at all?


May 13, 2008

PPP asks what really should be an easy question to answer if these folks simply lived in a reality based community:

let me ask you guys this. Some of you have said if Obama wins you will vote for him because he is a democrat.WHY?
Why do you feel obligated to tow the line?
How can anything change if we just go along with whatever the dems do?
Most of you do not even like obama but you will still vote for him?HOW?
What have the dems done for you?
I think poeple should get a spine and quit talking this unity garbage. So what if he is a dem(supposedly!!). All these poeple on radio and TV want to talk about uniting and coming together for the sake of the party.

Why? Why vote for the Democrat if your candidate does not get the nomination? Two words for you! JOHN McCAIN! Geez! How silly ARE these people?

Taylor Marsh: Silly Person

April 28, 2008

Taylor Marsh comments rather idiotically on Obama and Fox:

Meanwhile, as everyone worries about the African American vote, how about someone paying attention to the droves of women and Clinton voters who will side with McCain if Obama’s the nominee? Hello? Anybody?

Now, all of this political maneuvering and making his blogger base look like children doesn’t mean Senator Obama won’t be the nominee, given the math and the general spinelessness of Democrats to prefer rules over winning.

Once again, Taylor and her friends suggest African American voters and Obama supporters DO NOT MATTER, and that Clinton can win without them. It’s good to see Marsh throwing THE MOST LOYAL BASE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY FOR 60 YEARS under the bus. Look, even Marsh admits that the so-called ‘working class white’ is not always loyal to the party. And yet, these people are more important than the most loyal base of the party? And guess what, Marsh: Obama has a whole bunch of female supporters too!

And this bit: ‘general spineless of Democrats to prefer rules over winning.’ Wow. Ethics really matter to this woman, don’t they? Winning at all costs, rewarding someone for breaking the rules. How very..Republican..of her. Oh, and Taylor. About those rules…

Taylor, why are you throwing away all integrity? How dare you of all people mock Obama’s appearance on Fox News. You! When your own commenters sing the praises of O’Reilly and Hannity! HYPOCRITE!

Lies My Teacher Told Me

April 26, 2008


I watched most of the Bill Moyers interview, and it really hit me that Rev. Wright truly is out of touch. He said we are only taught good things about this country and not about the Trail of Tears or slavery.

However, kids are taught about these things today, they are taught about the government breaking treaties, they are taught about free states and slave states and the underground railroad etc.


Sammie needs to actually understand that we do NOT teach the flaws of America. Instead, it is one unbroken stream of progress. We are a great nation. We would be greater if we did a better job addressing our own past.
Here is James Loewen, from Lie My Teacher Told Me (from this compilation of book excerpts):

“[T]he teaching of history, more than any other discipline, is dominated by textbooks. And. . . textbooks are boring. The stories that history textbooks tell are predictable, every problem has already been solved or is about to be solved. Textbooks exclude conflict or real suspense. They leave out anything that might reflect badly upon national character.”–pg. 2

“Textbooks almost never use the present to illuminate the past. They might ask students to consider gender roles in contemporary society as a means of prompting students to think about what women did and did not achieve in the suffrage movement or in the more recent women’s movement. They might ask students to prepare household budgets for the families of a janitor and a stockbroker as a means of prompting thinking about labor unions and social classes in the past and present. They might, but they don’t. The present is not a source of information for writers of history textbooks.

Conversely, textbooks seldom use the past to illuminate the present. They portray the past as a simple-minded morality play. ‘Be a good citizen’ is the message that textbooks extract from the past. ‘You have a proud heritage. Be all that you can be. After all, look at what the United States has accomplished.’ While there is nothing wrong with optimism, it can become something of a burden for students of color, children of working-class parents, girls who notice a dearth of female historical figures, or members of any group that has not achieved socioeconomic success. The optimistic approach prevents any understanding of failure other than blaming the victim. No wonder children of color are alienated. Even for male children from affluent white families, bland optimism gets pretty boring after eight hundred pages.” –pg. 3

“Why are history textbooks so bad? Nationalism is one of the culprits.Textbooks are often muddled by conflicting desires to promote inquiry and to indoctrinate blind patriotism.”–pg. 3

An interview with Loewen.

Lies My Teacher Told Me