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EvilTwinSister: ‘Obama is pure evil’

June 26, 2008

So EvilTwinSister goes a bit overboard and takes Hillary’s loss personally, and naturally should be ridiculed, especially since she demands she not be. And, incidentally, it is PRINCIPLE, not PRINCIPAL.

Gee, why would that be, exactly, and why are you so willing to accept the fact that Obama has completely shit on her? By all means, crawl into the pockets of the mack daddy and accept his ruthless and machiavellian tactics. Refusing to support him on principal has no merit? Since when? He fucking destroyed her and did everything he could to humiliate her, and the DNC and the media eagerly helped him along. You want to put your imprimatur on that shit? Fine. What Hillary chooses to do politically is done to keep herself in the game. I am not bound by that. I will not crawl back to an abuser – period.

And finally, this gem: “And when I read about her coming back to campaign for Obama, I think, `they are not helping her.’ They don’t really care about her. She isn’t a person to them. She is a business, a cause, a means to drive traffic to a website. She is a claim to fame.”

Give it a rest. As the superior candidate in every way, who got completely shafted by her own party and the very candidate you now lionize, my support of Hillary is intensely personal and unwavering. Your commitment is to electing Obama. Mine is to continuing to point to a cataclysmic disaster you are all too eager to put behind you. It is my cri de coeur, and I will not be ridiculed for it.

Wow. There is so much wrong with this comment that it’s hard to leave it alone and not RIDICULE her. She accuses Obama of ruthlessness and being Machiavellian, and yet ignores Hillary’s own kitchen sink approach? And she calls Obama an abuser,  which is so over the top that she belittles those who truly have suffered from abuse. As to Hillary being ‘superior in every way,’ HOW? Prove it! If she was so superior, how come she did not plan for elections after Super Tuesday? How did she blow her own front runner status? Why did she make such bad decisions? Why did she run an incompetent campaign? Why does she owe so much money? The list goes on. And yes, Twin, you deserve to be ridiculed. And I don’t care. You and your ilk are never going to support Obama; why should he have to prove anything to you? I look forward to you gnashing of teeth when McCain loses.


Liz007: ‘I’m an oblivious fool’

June 26, 2008

Liz seems to, you know, not pay attention:

I really wish Barack Obama would make a concerted effort to denounce/ debunk or reject his anti-American friends/ associates and to really address the internet rumors that are preventing millions of democrats from voting for him. Give us 10 townhalls and 2 more debates with McCain…

Gee, Liz, where in the name of McCain have you been for the past 4 months? You do not recall this inane argument before? Oh, and as to the Internet ya go.

Anika: I’m a proud racist republican!

June 1, 2008


i am voting mccain… enough of the affirmative action mentality of the DNC….

WE want the best candidate on merit to be nominated … not the AA candidate anointed and forced upon us…

If hillary clinton bows out i will make my first ever contribution to republicans (mccain) and i will volunteer to make suer that mysogynistic , arrogant race baiting obama campaign is not rewarded with the presidency after his behaviour…

Anika, you belong there. Bye bye.

IndianaGirl: I’m a Republican, And I LOVE It!

June 1, 2008

CornfedIndianaGirl donated to the Republicans today. Good for her. I’m glad she is looking out for the best interests of the country: more war, anti-Civil Rights, anti-gay, ant-women, anti-liberty. Good job, idiot.

SergeiRostov: Ignorant Fool

June 1, 2008

Sergei Rostov is a moron. There is no doubt about it. And these folks claim to be the smart, real Democrats.

You do recognize that last fall, Harold Ickes led the Clinton delegation on the rules committee to discredit the MI and FL primaries, right? Or no?
teebob2000 |
First I’ve heard this. Cite a source.

Okay, Sergei, here ya go.

On Florida and Michigan, the campaign again said voters in those states should not be “disenfranchised” and that the states were important to the Democratic Party’s fortunes. Ickes also said Clinton didn’t vote on the DNC rules.

But Ickes did. And he voted in August to strip Florida and Michigan of their delegates as a sitting member of the Rules and Bylaws Commission.

“There’s been no change,” Ickes said, adding that he was then acting as a member of the Rules and Bylaws Committee “not acting as an agent of Sen. Clinton. We had promulgated rules — if Florida and Michigan violated those rules” they’d be stripped of their delegates. “We stripped them of all their delegates in order to prevent campaigns to campaign in those states.”

FLGirl: Republicans for Clinton

June 1, 2008

Florida Girl suggests:

Hey, it just idea, but why not Hillary as McCain VP. Then America would have the best of both world. Just thought.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh my god. How utterly crazy these people are.

Anika: MORON

June 1, 2008

Anika seems to think that if the Clintonites sabotage the election, then Hillary will have a clear path to 2012. Anika needs to wake up and try to figure out where she lost her mind. She might need it.

everyone … lets support Hillary all the way to 2012 !!!!!!

vote mccain 2008 !!! Hillary 2008!!!!!


June 1, 2008

Pdgrey demonstrates the unreality that is the hardcore Clinton supporter. He/she refuses to recognize that compromises have to be made, that the campaign was NOT all about Hillary, and that when one disagrees with a decision or makes a judgement that differs from yours, it does not make them a Judas. Jeez. Now they say that Hillary was betrayed by her own people. Lovely.

I could not believe Hillary’s people betrayed her. I will never get over this.

Jillie: I’m Unintentionally Ironic, or Just Stupid

June 1, 2008

Jillie has the temerity to suggest that Clinton run as a third party candidate, and suggests that she follow the Ross Perot model. Appropriate, I guess, since Bill Clinton could not have won without Perot. Idiot.

please, hillary, run as an independent. i really think you could take it. remember, perot got 20% and he did not have the support you have.

OxyCon: Silly or Bitter or Simply Dumb?

June 1, 2008


Obama was given votes that he did not earn. They weren’t his. He didn’t earn them. I don’t give a damn who I piss off, but that makes him the “Affirmative Action” candidate.
Screw him and screw the DNC.


My god, why are these people so dumb??? And, well, nice little subtle racist bit there, Oxy.