EvilTwinSister: ‘Obama is pure evil’

So EvilTwinSister goes a bit overboard and takes Hillary’s loss personally, and naturally should be ridiculed, especially since she demands she not be. And, incidentally, it is PRINCIPLE, not PRINCIPAL.

Gee, why would that be, exactly, and why are you so willing to accept the fact that Obama has completely shit on her? By all means, crawl into the pockets of the mack daddy and accept his ruthless and machiavellian tactics. Refusing to support him on principal has no merit? Since when? He fucking destroyed her and did everything he could to humiliate her, and the DNC and the media eagerly helped him along. You want to put your imprimatur on that shit? Fine. What Hillary chooses to do politically is done to keep herself in the game. I am not bound by that. I will not crawl back to an abuser – period.

And finally, this gem: “And when I read about her coming back to campaign for Obama, I think, `they are not helping her.’ They don’t really care about her. She isn’t a person to them. She is a business, a cause, a means to drive traffic to a website. She is a claim to fame.”

Give it a rest. As the superior candidate in every way, who got completely shafted by her own party and the very candidate you now lionize, my support of Hillary is intensely personal and unwavering. Your commitment is to electing Obama. Mine is to continuing to point to a cataclysmic disaster you are all too eager to put behind you. It is my cri de coeur, and I will not be ridiculed for it.

Wow. There is so much wrong with this comment that it’s hard to leave it alone and not RIDICULE her. She accuses Obama of ruthlessness and being Machiavellian, and yet ignores Hillary’s own kitchen sink approach? And she calls Obama an abuser,  which is so over the top that she belittles those who truly have suffered from abuse. As to Hillary being ‘superior in every way,’ HOW? Prove it! If she was so superior, how come she did not plan for elections after Super Tuesday? How did she blow her own front runner status? Why did she make such bad decisions? Why did she run an incompetent campaign? Why does she owe so much money? The list goes on. And yes, Twin, you deserve to be ridiculed. And I don’t care. You and your ilk are never going to support Obama; why should he have to prove anything to you? I look forward to you gnashing of teeth when McCain loses.


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