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Stoopid Comments

May 28, 2008

The name says it all. Stoopid is as stoopid says!


Reality Hits Taylor Marsh!

May 28, 2008


Honestly, I wish I could give you better news, but things are moving against Hillary everywhere. That doesn’t change her map. It doesn’t change the fact that she’s the better candidate against John McCain. The reality is that candidate Clinton of the last couple of months may have shown up too late. It’s the math, stupid, because electoral college and delegate count trump popular vote, and unless superdelegates change their minds and move towards her, which they haven’t done so far, the Fighting Hillary who has emerged at the end of this primary season may not get her due. It could cost the Democrats the election in November, but the fact remains February was the cruelest month for Clinton and the truth is the campaign missed the importance of the caucuses, which made Fighting Hillary’s job, when she showed up, even harder. Unless, of course, superdelegates wake up and see her electoral victory is far more realistic than bama’s. No evidence that’s about to happen anywhere.

The comments are flying. But I have to hit the sack. Oh this will be fun to go through on Wednesday!

(thanks to Wonk for the tip!)


Read This

May 26, 2008

Andrew Olmstead was a soldier and a blogger. He was killed in action. This is his last post. Read it.


May 26, 2008

As we remember our own war dead, let us not forget those who still serve. I know it is not Veteran’s Day..but we want these men and women to live to BE veterans. My friends, we have a situation in this country. We have a situation that should make us ashamed as Americans, and that situation is how we treat those who have fought for our Constitution, who have willingly surrendered themselves to fulfill the needs of the country, so that most of the rest of us need not. And how do we treat those heroes? We ignore them, we forget them, we fail to pay them the honor they deserve. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sure most of you have see the recent reports that 25% of all homeless in America are veterans. These men and women are suffering, from substance abuse, from post traumatic stress disorder, and from so many issues related to their service and their return home that it makes one cry. Broken homes, broken soldiers.
So I ask you, remember those who have served our nation. Thank a veteran of the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and of course my own Air Force. And don’t forget those in the Reserves and the Guard, who may have been asked to do more than they ever expected as we enter the 7th year of the current war. It matters not how you feel about this war, but these men and women deserve our respect. Hug them. Thank them. And to those of you who have served and continue to serve, thank you. (We miss you and love you, Raymond!).
Please consider donating to your local VFW or American Legion, or to the organization USVETS (
Thank you my friends.

Oh Woe is She!

May 25, 2008


This poor woman has SO much on her mind right now, the election, having to deal with an entirely biased media, having to constantly stave off the onslaught of chants for her to quit, the seating FL and MI, gods only know what goes on beind the scenes that we don’t see or hear.

Oh, come ON. You think this is bad? What will you do in the fall against Republicans? How will she answer the phone at 3am? It’s horrible for Obama to err in his language, but for Hillary, well, oh she is just tired, the poor woman?
This is just getting silly. When will these folks take off their Clinton colored glasses and deal with reality: they are backing a losing, divisive, and incompetent candidate. Oh, and I like this bit from that comment:

Let it be! Let her be, for crap’s sake.

I would make a comment about heat and kitchens, but well, that might be sexist.

The Strongest Person

May 25, 2008

Now, this HAS to be a fake. Otherwise, well, let’s let the comment speak for itself. maybe Shtuey has taken another name.

die for hillary:

Hillary is the strongest person in the history of America , taking all this shit and still standing rock solid , That comment was appropriate but Hillary cannot be spared for anything , she apologized ,end of this chapter.

Poor Hilary, Part II

May 25, 2008

listen, ignorant of the past few weeks:

Another reason I hate BO is that I hate what he is doing. No one can say anything about him

REALLY? Oh, does it ever rain in Clinton land?

Poor Hillary

May 25, 2008


I feel bad for her that she feels so bad about it, as witnessed in her apology.

Because, as usual, nothing Clinton says or does is ever her fault.

Obama said it first!

May 25, 2008

jslat, whining like a Clintonite:

Oh puhlease- after MO was the one talking about her husband getting shot going to a gas station because of the meaness of America.

 Oh, yes, certainly comparable. There is no history of prominent African American leaders being murdered in this country. What an idiot.

Nothing wrong

May 25, 2008

Listen is clueless:

I think this is too much. Hillary shouldn’t have apologized. She said nothing wrong. What is wrong with stating the facts? What kind of society is this turning into?

She said nothing wrong? So it’s okay to suggest, however indirectly, that a tragedy may occur? No, I don’t believe she wants that, but she didn’t think before she spoke. And, oh yeah, she gets her facts WRONG. But then, that is not new.