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Taylor Marsh: Silly Person

April 28, 2008

Taylor Marsh comments rather idiotically on Obama and Fox:

Meanwhile, as everyone worries about the African American vote, how about someone paying attention to the droves of women and Clinton voters who will side with McCain if Obama’s the nominee? Hello? Anybody?

Now, all of this political maneuvering and making his blogger base look like children doesn’t mean Senator Obama won’t be the nominee, given the math and the general spinelessness of Democrats to prefer rules over winning.

Once again, Taylor and her friends suggest African American voters and Obama supporters DO NOT MATTER, and that Clinton can win without them. It’s good to see Marsh throwing THE MOST LOYAL BASE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY FOR 60 YEARS under the bus. Look, even Marsh admits that the so-called ‘working class white’ is not always loyal to the party. And yet, these people are more important than the most loyal base of the party? And guess what, Marsh: Obama has a whole bunch of female supporters too!

And this bit: ‘general spineless of Democrats to prefer rules over winning.’ Wow. Ethics really matter to this woman, don’t they? Winning at all costs, rewarding someone for breaking the rules. How very..Republican..of her. Oh, and Taylor. About those rules…

Taylor, why are you throwing away all integrity? How dare you of all people mock Obama’s appearance on Fox News. You! When your own commenters sing the praises of O’Reilly and Hannity! HYPOCRITE!


Marsh and Goldberg: Separated at Birth?

April 17, 2008

Kevin K. over at Rumproast points to this lovely little bit:

Now let’s look at the approved ad I saw running on Democrat Taylor Marsh’s blog early yesterday, displayed directly under the “Advertise Liberally” banner:


As of this writing (10:00 am ET) this ad is still running on Taylor’s blog today (full screenshot available on request).  Take a close look at the image of the book cover.  That’s a picture of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini on the left doing the Nazi salute.  In case you don’t recognize the photo, it’s a cropped version of this one:


That’s Hitler on the right.  You may have heard about him.

The book cover also features a photo of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama to the right of the shot of Mussolini. To the average person it looks like he’s smiling and waving.  When paired with the image of Mussolini it’s pretty clear what the implication is. That’s right: Barack Obama is a fascist.  Charming.

So the question then is simple: Is Taylor Marsh the long lost twin of Jonah ‘the walking Godwin alert’ Goldberg, who authored this lovely piece of tripe?

The likeness of the two is uncanny, is it not?
(thanks to John Brown for the Marsh image, and [ha!] for the Goldberg Image!)

Pre-Hiatus Top Ten

April 5, 2008

So Mrs. Bostondreams, Baby Bostondreams (in Mommy’s Belly!) and myself are flying up to Boston this weekend for Opening Day at Fenway on Tuesday, as well as to visit family. I always feel refreshed and happy when I visit the state and region of my birth and where I spent my formative years. It’s nice to be in a place where everyone talks properly and they talk about the Sox on the radio! Anyway, as a result, blogging will be light. Not that it is ever all that extensive, admittedly.
So, to console my dear readers (some of whom are apparently Marshians, as blog stats have gone through the roof. Someone in the Swamp mentioned us. yay!), here is a Top Ten of recent Marshian Clintonite quotes!

10. SSmith, bringing back memories of JFK:


people who work at US Defense contractors like Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics… require their workers to HAVE NO DUAL citizenship…b/c those workers need to have ONLY US citizenship – meaning loyalty to THIS COUNTRY ONLY!!!!!!!!

I AM DEEPLY TROUBLED WITH THIS….is Obama going to be representing Kenya or the US??

9. Ann, sounding completely ignorant:

I bet BO wasn’t really born in the US. That’s why he needed to pass that law that says you can be born outside the US as long as you are born as a US citizen…or whatever. I bet his mom was overseas when he was born.

8. Debdeb, apparently forgetting about Hillary’s ‘problems’ finding records (the hypocrisy continues):

Too, this is something the Obama campaign has been holding over their heads for weeks in order to keep the Clinton camp quiet about Obama’s records while service in IL…which he STILL cant’ locate.

7. Ginaswo, implying rather crudely that Obama would seek to destroy Social Security because African Americans die too early to get it anyway (a real winner this one):

GOP still counts on Seniors votes, Dem elites seem fine with throwing them under the bus so far this season, so why would Barack have any loyalty to senior programs? If AA males avg lifespan keeps them from being able to collect SS and I have read it does, and BO is not running to the base Dems, working class or Senior and has advisers who are pro privatization and benefit cuts, this is not a plan to maintain or grow benefits

6. Jake, apparently forgetting that the Clintons did not NEED to buy a house because, let’s see, they were housed at taxpayer expense in, you know, the Governor’s mansion or the White House for some 20 odd years. Incredible:

The Clintons never made much money until Bill left office. The first house they bought is the Chappaqua residence. They paid $1m for it in 2000 not alot of money for Chappaqua. I have seen the house it is not a big or pretentious house. He was 54 and she 53 when they bought their first house.

5. nzanh, proving once again that Clintonites are not really Democrats when things do not go their way..and proving once again that they wish for 4 more years of Bush. Good people, these Marshians:

I don’t care how fast they move to BO, I won’t be moving with them. And I suspect that a huge portion of Hillary supporters won’t either come November if BO is the nominee.

4. Larissa, reporting from delusion land. If she or any other Clintonite thinks that OBAMA’S attacks on her are bad, wait until the General Election! You do not think the Arkansa Project won’t reappear, or that Bill REFUSING to list his library donors or his relationships with questionable characters won’t come up? Hillary is no more vetted than Obama, and these folks are delusional if they think otherwise. And that ‘experience’ argument is going to collapse against McCain. I look forward to the ads.

If Obama is the nominee, this is only the beginning. All of his obvious weaknesses will be like a stone cast into a pool. Larger and larger the circles surrounding it grow, until the whole pond is in turmoil.

The best choice to avoid all this, to provide voters with a fully vetted, optimally experienced candidate who can beat John McCain, is to nominate Hillary.

3. Beverly Leslie, bringing race into as, as the Clintonites seem to have a habit of doing:

Ask yourself this question. If Florida and Michigan were 75% African American what would Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton be doing to make sure those votes counted? Where is the outrage?!?

(and, by the way, these Clintonites would not know real disenfranchisment if they met it. Their ignorance of history continues)

2. Serene, completely oblivious to how ‘funhouse mirror’ this comment seems. It is as though these folks cannot see themselves, and refuse to consider the flaws in themselves and in their candidate (just as they accuse Obama supporters of doing). Does he/she even READ Taylor Marsh or these Marshian Clintonites?

Very frankly I love visiting HuffPo because some of the articles are just so naive and ridiculous that you can’t stop laughing after reading them. The comments are also very hillarious. If the article is about Obama, then we are subjected to lot of gushy teenagerish infatuated comments and if it is about Hillary then we will be subjected to high school bullying of calling names etc.

and our number one Taylor Marsh Commenter comment for tonight is brought to us by sam, who asks plaintively,

Why dont others see the good in her as we do?

Oh, but Sam,

Taylor Marsh to African-Americans: ‘Get Over It’

April 5, 2008

This post could also be titled ‘John McCain: Racial Healer.’ Taylor Marsh, in fine form , offers us this lovely little bit (bolded mine):

Courage seems to be tipped on it’s head on this 40th year since Dr. King was murdered. An aging white man, after far too long a wait as his conscience finally screamed out, comes to the scene where the greatest civil rights leader in American history was assassinated, to catch the heat and make amends. While the brilliant new African American political star pulls his punch and misses an opportunity to stand apart from historical racial prejudice against whites his community has every right to feel, but from which they must walk away to move us forward.

In other words, McCain, who Taylor JUST LOVES to praise constantly on her blog, is a courageous man for doing something that he should have done 40 years ago. And Obama is bad because he suggests that African Americans, as well as Whites, have a right and a reason to feel angry, but that it is time to move beyond it. So what Taylor is saying is that African Americans need to ‘get over it’ before we can move forward.
Let me tell you a story. I coached baseball one year at a school in Florida. One week in January, I informed a parent that I was giving my players MLK Day off. The response: a spit, then ‘We don’t recognize or celebrate that day for that *&^%&^*.’
So yeah, Taylor, its African Americans that need to ‘get over it.’ That is why Florida may be offering a Confederate ‘Heritage’ plate.


April 3, 2008

Taylor Marsh:

The great thing about the bowling April Fools joke from Clinton is that it shows her wit, as well as just how fabulous she is.

Wow. Does Taylor really believe what she writes? How is this any different than the ‘Obama Cult’ she so often criticizes?

Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Taylor Marsh

April 3, 2008

Taylor Marsh, on Obama and Transparency:

As I’ve said many times before, transparency is the issue for me, that is until we finally get elections paid for by taxpayers, which seems like a long way away at this point.

Oh yes, Taylor, no doubt.

Lincoln Bucket Big Shots

March 28, 2008

Taylor ‘McCain Democrat’ Marsh:

Supporters of the first viable female candidate in U.S. history appreciate Clinton’s “Lunch Bucket” Big Shots for standing up to the DC Democrats’ darling, the Obama blogs, and the Teflon candidate who gets away with daily character assassinations, while talking out of the other side of his mouth about “another kind of politics.” Thanks to you all for taking a stand. Someone besides us had to.

Oh yeah, real working class folks:
From John Aravosis at Americablog:
It looks like some gifts just keep on giving. At least 6 of the 20 big Dem donors who are now threatening to exort Nancy Pelosi on behalf of Hillary slept in the Lincoln Bedroom while Bill and Hillary were in the White House. (We only have the list of who slept in the bedroom during four years, i.e., half, of the Clinton presidency. Some reporters need to ask the Clinton campaign if anyone else on this list slept in the Lincoln Bedroom.) You’ll recall that some 831 or so special friends of the Clintons got to stay in the Lincoln Bedroom during four years of the Clinton presidency (that’s about 4 a week, every week, for 4 years). You would think that this is the kind of bad publicity that Hillary’s little band of extortionists wouldn’t want. Well they’re going to get it. Here’s the list of big Dem donors who are now threatening the party if Pelosi doesn’t cave to their demands and help Hillary – the ones in bold [ed note: red]are Lincoln Bedroom guests, per CNN (CNN only has the list for 4 years):Marc Aronchick
Clarence Avant
Susie Tompkins Buell
Sim Farar (CNN says a “Sym” Farar stayed in the bedroom)
Robert L. Johnson
Chris Korge
Marc Lasry
Cathy Lasry
Hassan Nemazee
Alan Patricof
Susan Patricof

JB Pritzker
Amy Rao
Lynn de Rothschild
Haim Saban
Bernard Schwartz
Stanley S. Shuman
Jay Snyder
Maureen White
Steven Rattner

Stoller also notes that nearly half of the group donated to Lieberman’s Senate campaign.

Update: Cali-Tejano has a nice write up on this one too!

Thoughts on Taylor Marsh: Concern Troll?

March 20, 2008

So, the TM Experience has been following the rantings of Taylor Marsh for awhile now, and really, it seems as though she is nothing more than a glorified concern troll. She excuses her commenters as ‘passionate activists’ while allowing an incredible amount of simply stupid, silly, wrong, bigoted, or racist things to dominate the discussion, most of which we have documented here. Recently, she wrote a semi-angry/defensive post in which she says her commenters are tame compared to the Obama blogs. And then she shares a comment from a retired Marine who says that Obama deserves ‘no consideration’ or ‘fairness.'(She notes too that ‘You got to love Marines.’ Apparently, you only get to love them if they say things you agree with, since she has nothing good to say over former Marine Jeremiah Wright).

Taylor Marsh cemented her status as a GOP apologist today. Keep in mind, she has already admitted to being a Reagan Democrat elsewhere on her blog. Today she linked to, gleefully, a video created by Lee Habeeb, a conservative radio producer for Laura Ingraham, among others (but then, as we noted here yesterday, Taylor Marsh Democrats are supporters of Laura’s show), and her commenters have a field day, as we pointed elsewhere on this blog. Indeed, most of her posts today are gleeful screeds about how Obama ‘blew it’ and how he really has shown himself to hate white people because he said that his grandmother is a typical white person, and typical white people do not always react positively to black men walking down the street toward them. And guess what, Taylor, he’s right!

So, Taylor Marsh and her commenters, good Democrats all, are gleeful over the problems encountered by the first African-American candidate for president. They accuse him of being anti-American, of being racist, of being sexist, of being unfair, and of disrespecting and betraying Hillary Clinton. Indeed, she and her ilk have accused, in posts, comments, and elsewhere, the African American community, liberal paragons like Ted Kennedy, and Obama supporting feminists of betraying Her Royal Highness Hillary Clinton. And they link, approvingly, to right wing hit jobs on Obama, purposely misrepresenting him and challenging his very bonafides as a patriotic American and as a progressive, going so far as to link him to terrorism (while blissfully ignoring Clinton’s own links to terrorism, corruption, and even what the right may paint as treason; see here, here, here, here, and here).

So, the question we have to consider: is Taylor Marsh, and by extension her commenters, a GOP operative and ally of Republicans, or is she a concern troll who is oh so concerned about the party in the general election? We here at the TM Experience are leaning toward the former, and if Obama does not win the nomination, we look forward to continuing to highlight the hypocrisy that is Taylor Marsh and her Marshits. Because suddenly, when Little Green Footballs and Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity start doing their thing, they will cry out at how unfair it is…and wonder why people who may have supported Obama are simply laughing at the irony.
We will be, as we watch Hillary Clinton’s pasting at the hands of VRWC make Obama’s treatment look kind.

How come their heads do not explode?

March 10, 2008

When blacks decide to support Obama because he is black, they are saying their loyalt to their race is more important than what is best for this country.

Alwaysfor Hillary, a few comments later:
I believe, whether fair or not, that the women who are voting for Obama are TRAITORS to their gender!

Are we here at the TM Experience the only ones who see the contradiction in this? Why, really, shouldn’t these folks being following some sort of rule of robotics or logic or something?

Ireland, Sinbad, Chelsea, and Hillary: The Clinton ‘Foreign Policy’ Experience

March 8, 2008

From Taylor’s Place, Tiburones:

Regarding shedding light on Hill’s claim to experience, they will lose. Bill Bennett on his talk show Thursday said that Hill does have some claim to experience from being in the White House. He said that she was a part of some of those meetings and that due to her obvious love of policy, she probably had some input. CNN’s piece was quite flattering to Hill as they showed her making her speech in China about women’s rights and showed her in the tribal areas of Serbia etc. It will only highlight all of the places where she has been (many war torn)…

From the Telegraph:

Hillary Clinton had no direct role in bringing peace to Northern Ireland and is a “wee bit silly” for exaggerating the part she played, according to Lord Trimble of Lisnagarvey, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and former First Minister of the province.

As to the claims about Bosnia and Serbia and Macedonia? Well…

The question is whether Clinton personally negotiated the deal with the Macedonian government–or U.S. diplomats used her forthcoming visit as an additional incentive to persuade the Macedonian authorities to re-open the border. The sequence of events–first the border reopening, followed by Clinton’s visit to the camps and her meeting with Macedonian government leaders–points to the second scenario.

And, err, tribal areas of Serbia? A bit denigrating, isn’t it? That harrowing visit that was so scary? Yeah, one word: Sinbad

And the China speech on human rights? What were they going to do, lock her up? It’s not like she was going to praise a brutal dictatorship…unlike her husband, who praises brutal thugs in exchange for favors.

Okay, that’s it. I’m tired. Time for an MMORPG break.