A Historic Night: Top Ten Marshian Reactions

So, it looks as though Obama wins North Carolina handily and, amazingly, loses to Hillary by about 6 to 8% in Indiana, if that. So, I took a stroll tonight through the Marsh. I hope to have a more extensive stroll later this week, but here are some beauties! We’ll go with, oh, the top 10 most outrageous comments!

10. energy, not racist at all: Exactly what I just told my friend—the blacks vote him in and he has 1 black behind him with the rest white.
Congratulations Obama===you are definitely the “BLACK” candidate.

9. sergei (in response to a commenter suggesting Marsh’s site was an echo chamber): Well, when your pre-exisitng opinions are grounded in facts and logic, having them opposed – i.e. having people be unreasonable and lie to you makes you less than inclined to be welcoming….

8. alice (who obviously is VERY concerned about a candidate who respects women): I would never vote for a candidate whose base calls women wh&^%s.
I will vote for McCcain if the unthinkable happens.
Women need to stop rolling over for the DNC. 

7. ainnj, showing once again that Clintonite=Republican:
Added to my 2300 check for the primary season (officially the rep. primary is still alive) and 2300 for the GE, that makes a total of 4700 for McCain if she steps aside.

6. caringnurse1, definitely not on an unhinged rant:
ichigatsu..I have been lurking in all the blogs for months now, rarely posting, mostly observing..I have seen the hillary supporters being called ole hags, c***, wh***, by you Obama supporters. I have seen lies after lies.. I have seen such hatred out of you obama supporters. Dont you come in here and go spouting off insinuations about this blog.. These people in here have treated me with such respect. You receive what you give. Go back into your own world.. Obama got though the caucases by wrong-doings, Just like Bush promised change, it wasnt good and neither will be Obamas.. Go back to your friends who support the God D*** America people. Stay out of here. These people in here are good, decent, patriotic Americans..Now, in honor of you, I will go back to my site and donate another $500 in behalf of Hillary and these decent people in here..Did you read this ? ICHIGATSU?..Bye everyone!!!

5. SensibleWoman, who perhaps does not see the…problem..with the following:
He has certainly been supportive of his wife, hasn’t he? No male ego problem there.

4. 48 is just idiotic and cannot read poll data:
Having to listen to the Obama crap on TV is sickening. He was supposed to win there and Indiana. So Hillary pulled an upset in Indiana but that story, which is a bigger story quite frankly, is not being mentioned.

3. ginaswo, just, well, oh, I can’t really say anything:
yeah we HIllary supporters are CRUDE and IGNORANT according to you whining elitist prcxks
damn wont you feel bad if you steal this by cutting out MI and FL..
and you will have to cry cry cry as your candidate LOSES the GE due to us cursin ignorant savages

2. Nomobama, who apparently believes that Obama can only win by cheating:
Unfortunately, Hillary is losing Marion county Indiana (Indianapolis area) convincingly. I wonder how much has to do with fraud? With 30% of the vote in, she is losing 26,473 to 17,261.

1. patsy, with the reaction of the night to the stunning Indiana margin:
This is not right. Marion County is the one on the election fraud tape.
There is no way possible this is legit. They are screwing Senator Clinton. Look at the map of indiana on CNN and notice the pattern. They called NC almost ten minutes after the polls closed.
You would have to be an idiot to not see what the hell is going on. I hope that put these people up under the fucking jail house when this comes out.
You would have to be stupid to believe this crap

And so there is your top ten for the evening! Some lovely ones! They are really flipping over at Taylor Marsh’s swamp over tonight!


2 Responses to “A Historic Night: Top Ten Marshian Reactions”

  1. Cali Tejano Says:

    Alice renounces Obama because his base calls women whores, but will support a candidate who called his wife a cunt?

    Gee, that’s a little sexist.

  2. Ron Says:

    Boston, join me in a Taylor Marsh Suicide Watch. Blog button is on the site, free for the taking. Let’s support these sad sacks as they go thru the Kubler-Ross stages.

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