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Clinton ‘Misremembers’ Again

April 30, 2008

So, Clinton once again ‘misremembers’ the recent past. Here is Hillary, in her new Indiana ad (from Second Hand Conjecture):

“Right here over 200 Hoosiers built parts that guided our military’s smart bombs to their targets.
They were good jobs, but now, they’re gone to China.
And now America’s defense relies on Chinese spare parts.
George Bush could have stopped it, but he didn’t.
As your president, I will fight to keep good jobs here, and to turn this economy around.
I’m Hillary Clinton and I approve this message because American workers should build America’s defense.”

Except, you know, it was Bill Clinton who paved the way for this plant to close.

David Sirota:

“Clinton is certainly right that it is a tragedy that 200 American jobs were killed in a corporate deal that also exported sensitive military technology to China. But she forgets to mention that it wasn’t George Bush who was in the key position to stop it — it was Bill Clinton.

Back in 1995, a Chinese consortium, which included two Chinese state-owned companies, made a bid to take over Magnequench. Because the company makes key parts for smart bombs, the takeover had to be approved by the Clinton administration’s Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States. Despite the national security and economic problems with selling off such critical manufacturing capacity to the Chinese — and despite the knowledge that such a deal would likely end in a domestic mass layoff — the Clinton administration approved the deal. This same deal — not surprisingly — paved the way for those 200 Indiana jobs and that sensitive military technology to be shipped to China.”

And as to the whole criticism of American military defense technology being in the hands of the Chinese, well, John McCain cannot wait to bring that up too.


Taylor Marsh: Silly Person

April 28, 2008

Taylor Marsh comments rather idiotically on Obama and Fox:

Meanwhile, as everyone worries about the African American vote, how about someone paying attention to the droves of women and Clinton voters who will side with McCain if Obama’s the nominee? Hello? Anybody?

Now, all of this political maneuvering and making his blogger base look like children doesn’t mean Senator Obama won’t be the nominee, given the math and the general spinelessness of Democrats to prefer rules over winning.

Once again, Taylor and her friends suggest African American voters and Obama supporters DO NOT MATTER, and that Clinton can win without them. It’s good to see Marsh throwing THE MOST LOYAL BASE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY FOR 60 YEARS under the bus. Look, even Marsh admits that the so-called ‘working class white’ is not always loyal to the party. And yet, these people are more important than the most loyal base of the party? And guess what, Marsh: Obama has a whole bunch of female supporters too!

And this bit: ‘general spineless of Democrats to prefer rules over winning.’ Wow. Ethics really matter to this woman, don’t they? Winning at all costs, rewarding someone for breaking the rules. How very..Republican..of her. Oh, and Taylor. About those rules…

Taylor, why are you throwing away all integrity? How dare you of all people mock Obama’s appearance on Fox News. You! When your own commenters sing the praises of O’Reilly and Hannity! HYPOCRITE!

April 17, 2008


Bill Clinton grew up poor and cares about everyone.

Especially the ladies!!! Oh damn, sorry, but that was begging for it!

Pre-Hiatus Top Ten

April 5, 2008

So Mrs. Bostondreams, Baby Bostondreams (in Mommy’s Belly!) and myself are flying up to Boston this weekend for Opening Day at Fenway on Tuesday, as well as to visit family. I always feel refreshed and happy when I visit the state and region of my birth and where I spent my formative years. It’s nice to be in a place where everyone talks properly and they talk about the Sox on the radio! Anyway, as a result, blogging will be light. Not that it is ever all that extensive, admittedly.
So, to console my dear readers (some of whom are apparently Marshians, as blog stats have gone through the roof. Someone in the Swamp mentioned us. yay!), here is a Top Ten of recent Marshian Clintonite quotes!

10. SSmith, bringing back memories of JFK:


people who work at US Defense contractors like Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics… require their workers to HAVE NO DUAL citizenship…b/c those workers need to have ONLY US citizenship – meaning loyalty to THIS COUNTRY ONLY!!!!!!!!

I AM DEEPLY TROUBLED WITH THIS….is Obama going to be representing Kenya or the US??

9. Ann, sounding completely ignorant:

I bet BO wasn’t really born in the US. That’s why he needed to pass that law that says you can be born outside the US as long as you are born as a US citizen…or whatever. I bet his mom was overseas when he was born.

8. Debdeb, apparently forgetting about Hillary’s ‘problems’ finding records (the hypocrisy continues):

Too, this is something the Obama campaign has been holding over their heads for weeks in order to keep the Clinton camp quiet about Obama’s records while service in IL…which he STILL cant’ locate.

7. Ginaswo, implying rather crudely that Obama would seek to destroy Social Security because African Americans die too early to get it anyway (a real winner this one):

GOP still counts on Seniors votes, Dem elites seem fine with throwing them under the bus so far this season, so why would Barack have any loyalty to senior programs? If AA males avg lifespan keeps them from being able to collect SS and I have read it does, and BO is not running to the base Dems, working class or Senior and has advisers who are pro privatization and benefit cuts, this is not a plan to maintain or grow benefits

6. Jake, apparently forgetting that the Clintons did not NEED to buy a house because, let’s see, they were housed at taxpayer expense in, you know, the Governor’s mansion or the White House for some 20 odd years. Incredible:

The Clintons never made much money until Bill left office. The first house they bought is the Chappaqua residence. They paid $1m for it in 2000 not alot of money for Chappaqua. I have seen the house it is not a big or pretentious house. He was 54 and she 53 when they bought their first house.

5. nzanh, proving once again that Clintonites are not really Democrats when things do not go their way..and proving once again that they wish for 4 more years of Bush. Good people, these Marshians:

I don’t care how fast they move to BO, I won’t be moving with them. And I suspect that a huge portion of Hillary supporters won’t either come November if BO is the nominee.

4. Larissa, reporting from delusion land. If she or any other Clintonite thinks that OBAMA’S attacks on her are bad, wait until the General Election! You do not think the Arkansa Project won’t reappear, or that Bill REFUSING to list his library donors or his relationships with questionable characters won’t come up? Hillary is no more vetted than Obama, and these folks are delusional if they think otherwise. And that ‘experience’ argument is going to collapse against McCain. I look forward to the ads.

If Obama is the nominee, this is only the beginning. All of his obvious weaknesses will be like a stone cast into a pool. Larger and larger the circles surrounding it grow, until the whole pond is in turmoil.

The best choice to avoid all this, to provide voters with a fully vetted, optimally experienced candidate who can beat John McCain, is to nominate Hillary.

3. Beverly Leslie, bringing race into as, as the Clintonites seem to have a habit of doing:

Ask yourself this question. If Florida and Michigan were 75% African American what would Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton be doing to make sure those votes counted? Where is the outrage?!?

(and, by the way, these Clintonites would not know real disenfranchisment if they met it. Their ignorance of history continues)

2. Serene, completely oblivious to how ‘funhouse mirror’ this comment seems. It is as though these folks cannot see themselves, and refuse to consider the flaws in themselves and in their candidate (just as they accuse Obama supporters of doing). Does he/she even READ Taylor Marsh or these Marshian Clintonites?

Very frankly I love visiting HuffPo because some of the articles are just so naive and ridiculous that you can’t stop laughing after reading them. The comments are also very hillarious. If the article is about Obama, then we are subjected to lot of gushy teenagerish infatuated comments and if it is about Hillary then we will be subjected to high school bullying of calling names etc.

and our number one Taylor Marsh Commenter comment for tonight is brought to us by sam, who asks plaintively,

Why dont others see the good in her as we do?

Oh, but Sam,

A Marshian Ignoring the Truth? Never!

April 3, 2008

Jawbone, who apparently can’t handle the truth:

I clicked off after Schuster said something about records showing Hillary had no role in passage of the Family Medical Leave Act.


Need help, Jawbone?

The former congressman who shepherded the Family and Medical Leave Act through Congress sought Thursday to debunk Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) claim to the legislation, saying she “never had anything to do with it.”

Former Rep. William Lacy Clay, Sr. (D-Mo.) is circulating an email disputing Clinton’s claim that the law is one of her more meaningful domestic accomplishments. The presidential candidate says she helped lobby for the bill’s passage and signing in 1993.

But Clay, who was joined by Senate sponsor Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.), said the bill had already passed by large margins when it passed in 1990 and 1992 before it was vetoed on both occasions by former President George H.W. Bush.

“All we needed was a president to sign it,” Clay said. “The president signed it, and we’re grateful for that but there was no lobbying by him or her.”

The Hill has obtained a copy of the Clay email rejecting Clinton’s claims to have been instrumental in bill’s becoming law. The former congressman writes, “If Hillary played a role in its passage, it was without my knowledge.”

Boy, these folks are in for a rude awakening.

This is Too Rich!!!

March 10, 2008

Well, we here at the TM Experience had to break our self imposed sabbatical to share this lovely little bit. Wodiej is commenting on the Spitzer presser concerning the prostitution charge and probable indictment, where he apologized with his wife next to him:

If I was married to someone like Spitzer, he’d be standing up there making that announcement all by himself. My face wouldn’t be plastered all over the news with that cheating scum. His wife is nuts.

You said it, not me!

Ireland, Sinbad, Chelsea, and Hillary: The Clinton ‘Foreign Policy’ Experience

March 8, 2008

From Taylor’s Place, Tiburones:

Regarding shedding light on Hill’s claim to experience, they will lose. Bill Bennett on his talk show Thursday said that Hill does have some claim to experience from being in the White House. He said that she was a part of some of those meetings and that due to her obvious love of policy, she probably had some input. CNN’s piece was quite flattering to Hill as they showed her making her speech in China about women’s rights and showed her in the tribal areas of Serbia etc. It will only highlight all of the places where she has been (many war torn)…

From the Telegraph:

Hillary Clinton had no direct role in bringing peace to Northern Ireland and is a “wee bit silly” for exaggerating the part she played, according to Lord Trimble of Lisnagarvey, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and former First Minister of the province.

As to the claims about Bosnia and Serbia and Macedonia? Well…

The question is whether Clinton personally negotiated the deal with the Macedonian government–or U.S. diplomats used her forthcoming visit as an additional incentive to persuade the Macedonian authorities to re-open the border. The sequence of events–first the border reopening, followed by Clinton’s visit to the camps and her meeting with Macedonian government leaders–points to the second scenario.

And, err, tribal areas of Serbia? A bit denigrating, isn’t it? That harrowing visit that was so scary? Yeah, one word: Sinbad

And the China speech on human rights? What were they going to do, lock her up? It’s not like she was going to praise a brutal dictatorship…unlike her husband, who praises brutal thugs in exchange for favors.

Okay, that’s it. I’m tired. Time for an MMORPG break.

Cackling Crows

March 5, 2008

Well, it looks as though it was a rough night for Obama; Clinton took Ohio and looks to take Texas, though the latter is close. We here at the TM Experience will provide some of the best comments from Taylor’s Clintonite Horde as soon as we can. However, here is my favorite so far. It’s so good to see Clintonites with class..and a really bad memory.

Northwest Rain, responding to a comment that a Clinton/Obama ticket would be unbeatable:
Sorry Andrys — you are nuts. Obama would horribly injure a Hillary Clinton campaign.

1) Nafta gate — Obama gate

2) Rizko

3) The mansion with the shady history.

4) Obama’s basic lack of experience.

Clinton needs someone like Wes Clark — who has the experience and he is a true intellectual!

Obama is a WIMP. He is a loser! He is a liar! and Obama hates women.

Oh, so much class. Northwest Rain thinks OBAMA is compromised? Wait until the Republicans pull out the Clinton Library in the general election, with its associated pardons and favors (see here, here, here, among others), assuming she is the nominee. You want to play the scandal game, we can play the scandal game!

And of course, we have the old ‘Obama is a sexist’ meme that runs rampant. Don’t these people have any sense?

Weekend Top 10 from Taylor Marsh’s Friends

March 3, 2008

Well, we here at the TM Experience have been caught on paintng, grading papers and writing a thesis (or trying to),  so apologies for the delayed blogging. To make it up to, we give you the Top 10 Comments Found  on Taylor Marsh’s House of Clinton Worship.

10. wodiej: Shame on every single person in the media, and everywhere else who not only does not have the sense to suport Hillary but who goes out of their way to be mean, rude and dishonest about her. Shame, shame, shame on them!! (So, the media should automatically support Clinton; and those that do not lack sense? I thought they were supposed tobe unbiased. As far rude, mean, and dishonest: pot, meet kettle.)

9. William: [arguing that Clinton is more electable] Because he has no military support except for McPeak, while Clinton has immense military support? (Um, she might have some flag officers, but Obama has the support from those that matter: enlisted men. Sorry, William.)They must be effing kidding. They think that the contest is tearing the Party apart? No; actually Obama if nominated and elected is going to make it impossible for a partisan, core Democrat to ever be elected again; because Obama is going to set the template for a nonpartisan Democratic Party, allowing people and media to reject every Democrat for the next fifty years who is not a centrist non-partisan like Obama. So keep on pushing your Party to the brink of de facto oblivion, guys. (Um, I KNOW you are not saying that Hillary is NOT a centrist? The woman whose husband lived his presidency through the principle of centrism?)

8. Sally: The almost insurmountable advantage BO has is being Black (and male). (wow, welcome to right wing talking points. Just go ahead and say he’s an affirmative action baby, Sally. Stupid. Just another example of the racism inherent in First and Second Wave Feminism, I guess.)

7. Tim: I made an alter on top of a low Chinese table and had a big Hillary for President sign in back and then “100 Reasons to Vote for Hillary” on top and another Hillary pamphlet. Then I lit my Virgin Mary of Guadalupe candle and said a prayer asking God to help Hillary become our nominee and President because after having to endure the worse President for 7 years America and the world needs someone talented and that we need the superior person for helping America solve its’ problems. (And OBAMA is the cult? Apparently, Hillary is now the Savior sent by God.)

6. Dofogo: I know Hillary will pull this one out, but do these hateful bloggers realize that in order to get their Obama in the White House, they need EVERY DEMOCRATS vote, that includes the millions of people who have voted for Hillary? [You do realize, Dofogo, that Clinton will need EVERY DEMOCRATS vote as well? And that hateful bloggers liek Taylor Marsh and her ilk have turned off Democrats who might otherwise support Clinton? Yes, it goes both ways!] I guess it’s a mute point because Hillary will pull this out. Americans will realize that Hillary is the only qualified candidate. We don’t want our President to have on the job training again. Look where the last 8 years got us. [What experience, again? A one and half term Senator who has never had to struggle for much in her life after college, and whose experience as First Lady DID NOT include a security clearance?]

5. Taylor Marsh! The blind faith nature of many, though not all, of Obama’s fans just doesn’t work for me. I don’t want to be anywhere near it. [ your own comments section lately? You must have, since you post there. Hillary is apparently the savior and America’s only hope, according to your own readers. When, oh when, will Taylor Marsh stand up and denounce those cult like followers of Clinton posting at her site that have infused Hillary’s campaign with a messianic fervor?]

4. OleYellowDog: speaking of apostate islamist: [Links to a piece on Little Green Footballs about Obama being a Muslim. I refuse to link to it. Apparently Hillary supporters like Right wing/racist/bigoted talking points when it acn help them. OleYellowDog is an OleYellowScumbucket. Good to see Clintonites showing their true colors.]

3. IzzyVt: Just add Rezko to the growing list of examples that clearly show Obama’s lack of good judgment. [HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Good judgement? You wnat to use a connection to scandal as an example of Obama’s lack of good judgement? That’s just RICH.]

2. Boohall: The party has been working against Hillary long before the campaign began. [Um, Clinton was preordained as the frontrunner a year ago.] The Michigan and Florida fix was designed to help Obama delegate count before a vote was cast because they knew she would win there.
Howard Dean has been the biggest mistake and if we win it will be thanks to the 8 year Bush League and in spite of Howard.
[Wow, Boohall is 5 flavors of ignorant. Ever heard of the 50 state strategy, Boohall? It helped win the Dems Congress (for all the good that has done), and it’s a Dean creation. Your candidate was oblivious. As to Michigan and Florida, well, ALL candidates agreed to ignore those states. Why won’t Clinton stick to her word?]

1. Taylor Marsh: Obama’s judgment in allowing someone like Rezko to bankroll his early political beginnings, with a relationship that goes back almost two decades, with Obama then ignoring Rezko’s unraveling until way too late, goes to the very heart of judgment. Glass houses, stones and hypocrisy come to mind. [Hey, Taylor. Here’s a number: 31.3 Million. Look it up. Here’s the link. Glass houses, stones, and all that. This story needs to get more play!]

And so that’s the Top Ten for this weekend. Check back later this week, when the Taylor’s Terrific Tattlers will either be crowing or crying. Let’s hope the latter, but either way, see you soon!


February 27, 2008


“Hillary got a grilling over NAFTA, was made to be responsible for what her husband did as president…”

Um, Anne, isn’t Clinton running on her ’35 years of experience’? Isn’t she including her husband’s presidency? You can’t have it both ways, though that is a Clinton trademark. Ya take the good, ya take the bad…