‘It burns me up!’

JB4Now is a bit upset:

And they had an article, on there about one of Hillary’s major campaigner, Gabriel Guerra-Mondragon, has been brought by Obama, he claims it was a hard decision, but he don’t believes, Hillary, can win so he’s going over to Obama’s side.

What gives, and why, aren’t all of Hillary’s people loyal to her, that just burns me up!!!!!!!

Could it be because, you know, this guy wants to do what is best to the party and the country, and no one is owed loyalty just because of who they are? This isn’t a monarchy, Marshian.


3 Responses to “‘It burns me up!’”

  1. Sue Says:

    This is not a friend. He says it was a hard decision. He put politics before friendship so it is probably better because he was never a friend. He probably was a friend of convenience. What will he do when Hillary is in the White House? Again, someone bought someone off here…

  2. Brad Parker Says:

    Mr. Guerra-Mondragon is quoted as saying “I am an old and longtime friend of Senator Clinton. And I continue to think she is a fantastic and formidable person. But I am first of all a Democrat.” In other words, “I am a fanatical ideologue. I put my left-wing philosophy before my human feelings, just like the Bolsheviks when they shot the Tsar and his entire family.” This is exactly what we Republicans expect from Democrats: fanaticism, disloyalty, and ruthlessness. Not to mention arrogance and elitism. Sound like any candidates you know?

  3. gimmeabreak Says:

    Did he tell you that personally, Sue? How do you know that? Why would you assume that someone would have to be “bought” to join Obama. This guy was a “Hillraiser”. I don’t think he’s hurting for cash.

    Perhaps he, like a growing number of Hillary supporters, are tired of the game playing. Or maybe just tired of the fawning droolery like you.

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