The Countdown

June 2, 2008

Brought to you by the happy folks over at Center Face! 🙂 (and once I figure out how, it will be a permanent feature here!)


Young Hillary

June 2, 2008

Young Hillary Clinton. Ah, she has not changed at all!

Taylor Deranged

June 2, 2008

John Cole discusses Taylor Marsh’s silly and completely illogical freak out over Michigan.

Look, it is not my job to walk Taylor Marsh and the rest of the Hillary supporters back from the brink, and I am glad, because it wasn’t me whipping them into a froth for the last few months when it was clear to anyone with more than a 6th grade education that the math simply was not there for Clinton. I can, however, take a moment to ask Taylor and others why they think things played out the way they did:

Was it because the RBC was stacked with Clinton haters?

No, in fact Clinton loyalists outnumbered Obama supporters on the committee.

Was it because the RBC wanted to sabotage the Democratic chances in November?

No, I find that highly implausible.

Was it because they are all insane?

After watching the way Democrats run elections, I am open to discussion on this count.

John, as usual, makes some good points in his usual calm and collected way. 🙂 Seriously though, does anyone think that Taylor’s Swamp would have been satisfied in ANY way? I sure don’t.

Serena: Puke worthy

June 1, 2008

You know who makes ME want to puke, Serena? You. You are just, wow. You have absolutely no sense, do you?

I never thought that I could hate this bad. I thought that I hated Bush but this a zillion times worse. I hate this person with every fiber of my being.

I don’t care what he does or says, I will never vote for this fraud. And I will do every thing I possibly can to help elect John McCain if Hillary is not on the top of the ticket.

He is so disgusting and evil. He makes me want to puke. And the people in that room that took the votes away from the people are no better than him.They are some sick people.

That’s it. I’m done for the night looking at these fools. Instead, I suggest checking out the posts over at Stoopid Comments. Really, friends, these Clintonistas are just..something else.

Claudy: Obama is a Scary Black Man

June 1, 2008

Claudy fears that Obama would be a scary black man. lovely. Tell me, fool, why the hell would this even occur to you?

can i just say – we’re morphing quickly from Unity talk to Reparations talk…BOs first 100 days…hmmmmm

William: We are ALL Fascists Now

June 1, 2008

William has a huge, long, well though out, and completely silly and deranged comment. It’s too wordy to post. Just read it. And William, if you think this is fascism, I suggest you visit Chile or Argentina in the 1970’s, Spain from the 40’s to the 80’s, or, you know, the Third Reich or Mussolini’s Italy. You, sir, are just dumb.

Average Jane: Woe is Me!

June 1, 2008

Average Jane:

I am so upset! We were a shoe in this year! A friggin cinch and they screwed it totally up! I have waited FOREVER for UHC…FOREVER!! People are friggin DYING out here, hanging on by a damn thread and no one gives a crap! Their blood is on the DNC and Obama’s hands!

Gee, Jane, overreact much? Oh, and do you REALLY think Clinton was going to get Universal Health Care passed? Didn’t work the first time, did it?

Anika: I’m a proud racist republican!

June 1, 2008


i am voting mccain… enough of the affirmative action mentality of the DNC….

WE want the best candidate on merit to be nominated … not the AA candidate anointed and forced upon us…

If hillary clinton bows out i will make my first ever contribution to republicans (mccain) and i will volunteer to make suer that mysogynistic , arrogant race baiting obama campaign is not rewarded with the presidency after his behaviour…

Anika, you belong there. Bye bye.

IndianaGirl: I’m a Republican, And I LOVE It!

June 1, 2008

CornfedIndianaGirl donated to the Republicans today. Good for her. I’m glad she is looking out for the best interests of the country: more war, anti-Civil Rights, anti-gay, ant-women, anti-liberty. Good job, idiot.

Ginaswo: Ignorant as usual

June 1, 2008

Gina, as she usually does, shows her ignorance of our nation.

b/c as an AMERICAN

I refuse to accept it





Um, Gina, nowhere in the Constitution does it say anything about political parties or delegates. So, um, yeah, learn some facts and face reality.