Taylor’s New Reality

As I slowly work my tired new daddy butt back into blogging, Ron over at Centerface has penned a lovely little thank you to Taylor Marsh that deserves sharing. I know he is not alone.

Hm, I’ve noticed that Taylor Marsh’s readership, based on number of comments, is down by 75% now that she’s not stirring up shit against Obama. That’s a sign of some integrity.

OK, the suicide watch comes down, but you still suck for what you have done. I’m not over it yet. Independent of your writing or your coverage, your site became a haven for irrational idiots and you protected them by moderating comments. Then, as if someone hit you on the head, you suddenly realize some of these people you’ve encouraged are out of their tree. 

Some of the nasty little jabs you made, the mockery, provided the fuel for that fire. That’s the problem, Taylor; you went negative from the get-go. You also made up things about Obama supporters that simply aren’t true: I have never, ever met these “Obama worshippers” you were so fond of pointing out. If there was any die-hard worship, it was of Hillary Clinton. Go check your comments if you don’t believe me; there isn’t a pro-Obama site that came even close to worship. Hillaryis44.com and your site, however, is full of sycophantic praise to the skies.

It’s called projection, Marsh.

But I understand, I think-you guys had to go negative because frankly, the Clinton campaign sucked big time. Mark Penn and all the other dingbats let Obama in the door in Iowa, fucked up the stategy in Texas, and more. Then Hillary ran to the center, and almost tilted right, because Obama was sucking up all of the populist oxygen. Having a beer and a shot with a couple of workers is not going to necessarily fix that. And it didn’t.

Nonetheless, I’m glad to see that you finally got your head out of your ass and regained a shred of your dignity-but I won’t respect you for a long time. I know that doesn’t matter, but you should know that there are alot of people who used to read your site just like me before your readership lost its mind.

As the comments I have posted here indicate, ‘lost its mind’ may be an understatement. Her readership lost their minds, borrowed Abby Normal’s, then lost THAT one too.


2 Responses to “Taylor’s New Reality”

  1. Natascha Says:

    In the end, Taylor made a business decision to support Obama. Pure and simple. Nothing courageous.

  2. Robbie Says:

    In the end, Taylor sold her soul and paid for it with her dignity and readership. Good riddance to her.

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