SergeiRostov: Ignorant Fool

Sergei Rostov is a moron. There is no doubt about it. And these folks claim to be the smart, real Democrats.

You do recognize that last fall, Harold Ickes led the Clinton delegation on the rules committee to discredit the MI and FL primaries, right? Or no?
teebob2000 |
First I’ve heard this. Cite a source.

Okay, Sergei, here ya go.

On Florida and Michigan, the campaign again said voters in those states should not be “disenfranchised” and that the states were important to the Democratic Party’s fortunes. Ickes also said Clinton didn’t vote on the DNC rules.

But Ickes did. And he voted in August to strip Florida and Michigan of their delegates as a sitting member of the Rules and Bylaws Commission.

“There’s been no change,” Ickes said, adding that he was then acting as a member of the Rules and Bylaws Committee “not acting as an agent of Sen. Clinton. We had promulgated rules — if Florida and Michigan violated those rules” they’d be stripped of their delegates. “We stripped them of all their delegates in order to prevent campaigns to campaign in those states.”


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