Stoopid Comments

The name says it all. Stoopid is as stoopid says!


8 Responses to “Stoopid Comments”

  1. Natashca Says:

    Why oh why is stoopid comments filed under the Clinton Cult?!

  2. bostondreams Says:

    oops. Sorry about that. It’s the default setting! I’ll fix it!

  3. Natashca Says:

    Thank you. I was beginning to think my snark was taken seriously.

  4. Luke Says:

    Flowbee’s site is as stoopid as usual. Here’s a comment in response to a childish, name-calling rant against Andrew Sullivan (who is often rantworthy, but I digress):

    Comment by so saddened | 2008-05-22 10:59:25

    ditto. the obamatroll apparently isn’t smart enough to realize that john mccain for president is what will happen and what we want to happen if her obamaidiot is nominated.

    wonder what reply is next – the s ct/roe one? the 100 years one? the gas prices one? the hillary wants us to support obambi one? the you’re not a real democrat one? the you’re a bunch of racist, stupid, rednecks one? oh my, so many to choose from. the obamatools must have trouble picking which….

    and for some reason, the obamatools think we take them seriously. btw, joeyess, i’m sure you’ll write some predictable crap in response to this post, but i won’t bother to answer you – have better uses for my time, plus know that the best way to punish a misbehaving child is to put him in the corner and ignore him until he gets over it.

    hillary or mccain. no other option.

    It’s all there. The slighting references to “obamabots”, “obamatools,” “obamazoids,” etc; the loud and public embrace of McCain; the identification and instant rejection of perfectly sane reasons to support Obama once Clinton folds her cards; the plea not to attempt to rationalize or else be labeled a “troll”; the desparate blackmail of the party. Plus, they deleted my very reasonable reply pointing out the severe case of projection revealed by calling your opponents robots in the very same post that you denounce attempts to change your mind about something.

  5. Gatsby Says:

    I just called Pelosi’s office here in San Francisco.

    (415) 556-4862

    They ask for zip code, use mine 94118.

    She wanted a name which I would not give.

    You can leave a message with the person who answers or ask for the recorded line. I waited one half hour and did both.

    I did ask the young “sweetie” that answered and she confirmed, “we have been getting a lot of negative calls today”.

    Keep them coming!

    I told them I was going to Cindy Sheehans website and doubling the amount I contributed to Hillary to get Nancy out of office.

    So now they are impersonating California residents and threatening Nancy Pelosi. Someone should tell her office what’s going on.

  6. bostondreams Says:

    Gatsby, I contacted the DNC and said what a great job they have done and that they did their best today.
    The Clintonites are just psychotic.

  7. Gatsby Says:

    That was a nice touch Bostondreams and that comment re: the calls to Nancy Pelosi’s office made its way where it needed to as well 🙂 I received confirmation of that Friday.

  8. Billy Delyon Says:

    LJ did the same to me with the ‘ol changing of the wording to a bunch of my posts then put me on “moderation” and blocked my IP address a couple weeks ago.

    No loss at all there, I do kinda miss being called all the names above (and more), and being a major smartass and slaying them with facts (they hate facts in there). They were so easy to get wound up. Seriously funny getting them going.

    I’m really not missing sloshing through that cesspool of muck though, I feel lighter not suiting up and going in there every day.. Seriously what a bunch of assholes that blog and post in that Obama Derangement Syndrome hate site, the comments over there are the worst of the worst in the clintonista vortex..

    LJ’s the laughing stock of blogs on both the right and left. He’s going down faster than his candidate.

    Wonder when the Michelle Omama ‘Whitey”- “Why’d he” tape is going to come out (of course nothing happened yesterday in LJ’s bit ‘UPDATE’ at 0900). And remember now LJ’s heard from 5 of his sisters ex-boyfriends who claim they know someone who knows someone who’s seen the tape and HOT DAMN its BRUTAL and Luis Farrakhan is feeling MO up while she’s spouting “whitey hatred”.


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