As we remember our own war dead, let us not forget those who still serve. I know it is not Veteran’s Day..but we want these men and women to live to BE veterans. My friends, we have a situation in this country. We have a situation that should make us ashamed as Americans, and that situation is how we treat those who have fought for our Constitution, who have willingly surrendered themselves to fulfill the needs of the country, so that most of the rest of us need not. And how do we treat those heroes? We ignore them, we forget them, we fail to pay them the honor they deserve. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sure most of you have see the recent reports that 25% of all homeless in America are veterans. These men and women are suffering, from substance abuse, from post traumatic stress disorder, and from so many issues related to their service and their return home that it makes one cry. Broken homes, broken soldiers.
So I ask you, remember those who have served our nation. Thank a veteran of the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and of course my own Air Force. And don’t forget those in the Reserves and the Guard, who may have been asked to do more than they ever expected as we enter the 7th year of the current war. It matters not how you feel about this war, but these men and women deserve our respect. Hug them. Thank them. And to those of you who have served and continue to serve, thank you. (We miss you and love you, Raymond!).
Please consider donating to your local VFW or American Legion, or to the organization USVETS (
Thank you my friends.


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