Oh Woe is She!


This poor woman has SO much on her mind right now, the election, having to deal with an entirely biased media, having to constantly stave off the onslaught of chants for her to quit, the seating FL and MI, gods only know what goes on beind the scenes that we don’t see or hear.

Oh, come ON. You think this is bad? What will you do in the fall against Republicans? How will she answer the phone at 3am? It’s horrible for Obama to err in his language, but for Hillary, well, oh she is just tired, the poor woman?
This is just getting silly. When will these folks take off their Clinton colored glasses and deal with reality: they are backing a losing, divisive, and incompetent candidate. Oh, and I like this bit from that comment:

Let it be! Let her be, for crap’s sake.

I would make a comment about heat and kitchens, but well, that might be sexist.


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