What the Campaign is Really About

Dr. Gail, on the ongoing issues with this interminable primary:

I want desperately to see a woman be President of the United States during my lifetime. I’ve been (and continue to be) on the receiving end of gender discrimination, and it’s not pretty. In fact, it sucks. Since I’m white, I haven’t experienced racial discrimination, but I expect it feels just as shitty.

I don’t happen to share many of the Clinton supporters’ views that the media has been far more sexist than racist during this primary season. But I also accept that I may be biased in that view because, once Edwards dropped out of the race for the nomination, I’ve been a clear supporter of Obama.

And here’s the thing: I don’t think that makes me sexist, anymore than I think Clinton supporters are racist. For me, it’s not about identities since, if it were, my loyalties and sympathies pretty clearly lie with other women.

In fact, while I understand the fervor of Clinton’s supporters to see issues of gender equality pushed to the forefront (and share that fervor, by the way), the campaign isn’t really about sexism versus racism.

It’s about what will serve the country best in the long run. And for that, we need a candidate who, first and foremost, can win the White House because the alternative is just truly too awful to contemplate. And once we have a Democrat in the White House, I would want to see a long laundry list of issues addressed, one of which is equality and equal opportunity for all Americans — black or white, male or female, rich or poor, Mayflower descendants or recent immigrants.

I could not put this better. I am not a sexist; Obama is not a sexist. Most of his supporters are not sexist. Clinton is not a racist; her supporters are, mostly, not racist. Calling for Clinton to drop out is not sexism; its freaking politics! It’s logic, it is reality, it’s the fact that by almost any metric, SHE CANNOT WIN. 

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