The Reality

Over at MYDD, Jonster23 states the obvious:

There’s one simple problem to these arguments:

The Clinton camp expressed no opposition to these rules before voting was underway.  Nor did the Obama campaign write these rules.  One campaign looked at the rules and devised a detailed plan to win by them.  The other didn’t “waste its time” with that.  Complaining after the fact, or somehow suggesting that the Obama campaign would not have run a different campaign if the rules were different, is just sour grapes and a failure to recognize that the Obama campaign simply had its act together in a way that the Clinton campaign did not.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the reality. Hillary Clinton and her advisors expected to simply accept a coronation by early February, and CHOSE to limit their efforts, failing to consider that a nomination is not the same as a coronation. And it has bit them in the ass. This woman and her advisors could not manage a presidential campaign in which they had almost every advantage: name, money, superdelegates, atmosphere. They blew it. And we are to believe, now, that she would make a strong president? When she cannot even run a campaign effectively?


2 Responses to “The Reality”

  1. Manamongst Hussein Says:

    That there is at the heart of it all. And this from a commenter on Too Sense for all of the actors brainlessly repeating her “experience” song and dance, the commenter takes issue with her Eleanor Roosevelt comparisons:

    “she (Hillary Clinton) is more in the tradition of Elizabeth Dole and other wives of successful elected officials who follow in the wake of their husband’s success. Her candidacy is more also reminiscent of dynastic politics, much like Indira Ghandi and Benazir Bhutto who gain their legitimacy through legacy, as opposed to their own individual achievements.

    Finally, were she as truly ground breaking a figure as Eleanor Roosevelt, then perhaps I could agree with your analysis, but her current race-baiting, unprincipled campaign (vote for me I’m white!) is so repugnant that it virtually overshadows everything else.”

  2. bostondreams Says:

    A fine point. Eleanor herself was truly a ground breaker, and an advocate ahead of her time for civil rights. A transcendent figure that Hillary can only dream of emulating.

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