Being Reason-able

From Reason‘s liveblog of the primaries tonight:

UPDATE 11:07: Everyone except CNN calls Oregon for Obama. Bill Kristol informs Fox viewers that Oregonians are all “drinking lattes and sipping granola.” I’m confused as to how this is a greater character flaw than the Kentuckyian trend of “strongly disliking black people.”

Ha. Good point.


5 Responses to “Being Reason-able”

  1. Cali Tejano Says:

    I think he can’t fathom a state with an overwhelming white majority voting for Barack Obama.

    Then again, Bill Kristol is the last person I’d ask for betting advice. He’s worse than a broken clock because he’s never right.

  2. Manamongst Hussein Says:

    It’s been sad…they keep continuing the “white working class” meme, ignoring the obvious. All of these states that are white as hell or whiter than Appalachia are voting for him, and they know it. They’re just adding a sick sense of false drama, to make things as difficult as possible for the black man. Highlighting his large defeats is pointless…it’s like they expect him to be popular in every part of the country. John McCain took trouncing and they made sure everyone forgets that. The MSM is in denial if they think this race is going to be close. Chris Matthews is a strange bird…in one sense he protects McCain with garbage feel-good stories, and occasionally jumps in to help Obama from the unfair racial angle. He sometimes shows brilliance which leads one to believe he can be as hard hitting and heat seeking of issues like one’s he skewered Lisa Caputo with last night. He crushed their “experience”, and “electability” wink-nod, dog whistle terms. Everyone knows those are just placeholder terms to make the racially fearful comfortable in their choice not to vote for Obama on racial lines. Nobody in their right mind believes Clinton has more experience and is more electable than Obama. There’s no way the person losing by every metric can say they are the more electable candidate. She by definition is NOT the more electable.

    But Matthews put her in a place she’s never been into. He pulled the curtain on this little charade, leaving her utterly stuttering and realizing that she was basking in the support of…essentially racist. When he put the other senario of would an actual racist say that they would vote on racial lines to her you could see the truth sink into her and millions of other Americans. Fair minded people know that WV and KY are cultural aberrations stuck in a time they’re not ready to be out of. This explains the endorsements of Byrd and Edwards more than gathering tide.

  3. Manamongst Hussein Says:

    Bill Kristol is an evil, talentless trustfund baby. I think he knows he always wrong, thats why he typically smiles when he’s giving his analysis…if you wanna call it that. He knows he can do no wrong in the Fox culture. Hillary siting Rove’s map…utter desperation.

  4. Manamongst Hussein Says:

    Also…did you notice there was not ONE black face in the Clinton crowd…what’s with that? Is it that hard to find Hillary supporters that are AA in that part of Kentucky? I’m obliged to think that their are some in KY, they just don’t feel comfortable in that atmosphere. Any thoughts, because at worst they ship some in…?

  5. bostondreams Says:

    Heh. Good observation, Manamongst. Remember, after all, she is the candidate of hardworking Americans, white Americans. This kind of limits her crowd, ya know, to REAL Americans. /eyeroll.

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