No Shame

Even when an icon of liberalism, Ted Kennedy, faces his mortality, the folks over at Taylor Marsh’s place show class:

I don’t the man (particularly after the Obama’s display) but I respect the human being…
So Best wishes to you Ted for a speedy recovery. Consideration and comfort to you family..

For the record, I do not want him to die…. I want him to stay with all his mental faculties…

I want him to see Hillary become the nominee… Hillary become 44.

I want him to see his protégé Barry get crushed

I wonder if he will still be able to do the mexican hat dance like he did in Texas when he was there with Obama?

Me too! And many of my friends who still live in MA hope the same thing. Frankly many I talk to think it is overdue for Kennedy to retire. He is an old has been in my opinion.

I am sure Alexrove is in his smoke-filled room figuring out how to promote BO in this awful situation.

I wish no one suffering, but in the last few months, TK has showed his true colors to me. He is a selfish, self serving Ass.

pamlobsp, again (real winner, this loser):
John Kerry coming to the hospital? What a joke. Maybe he can get an infection while he’s there.
You guys are too nice. Yes, his family did a lot for the party, but the party did a lot for him and his family.
I’m thinking TB maybe both of them will get it and be sent to away for the next 6 months to recover.

Mary Ellen:
Obama really should put a warning label on that kool-aide his supporters are drinking. “Excess may cause stroke or seizures.”

Credit goes to djjl, Cognitive Dissonace (who actually has a really nice story about her interactions with the senator), Scan, Mo,  Grey, and, nicely enough, the previously mocked ginaswo,   all of whom are among those few stalwarts who have tried to lesson the venom among the commenters at Marsh’s site.

One just wishes they were the majority. And God Bless my former Senator.


5 Responses to “No Shame”

  1. Susan Nunes Says:

    There are a LOT of us out here who back Hillary Clinton who are NOT flaming assholes when it comes to somebody facing a serious illness. I don’t approve of this shitting on people when they’re down; I don’t care who the hell they support or what party they belong to. People who do this are not doing their candidate any favors, and Hillary Clinton would NEVER approve of that crap.

  2. Billy Delyon Says:

    You know, you’d like to say “Have they no shame?”, but as any of us knows that has ventured into TM, or No Quarter, or Hillaryis44, these people HAVE NO SHAME.
    They’ve all gone off the deep-end with Obama Derangement Hate Syndrome, they sling any kind of poop they can at Obama hoping beyond hope that something anything will stick so that Barack goes down in flames, and then their beloved Hillary (who has done ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong in this campaign, nothing) can then get what was rightfully hers in the first place, the nomination.
    I look forward to the day she’s out of this race for good.

  3. bostondreams Says:

    Granted, Susan. And I know I have been snarky, but really, one would hope that some folks, no matter the side, would recognize that it is not the time to attack a seriously ill leader of the progressive movement. Say what you will about him, and I understand why many Clinton folks felt upset, to ignore all all that TK has done for liberalism is a mistake. Clinton would never support the venom that we see.
    Kudos to you and others like you, ma’am.

  4. bostondreams Says:

    Incidentally, Susan, I tried visiting your blog, but it keeps freezing up in my browser, constantly loading something or other. Hmm..probably stupid IE.

  5. Taylor Deserves Credit « The TM Experience Says:

    […] The TM Experience “this woman will absolutely, and without question, be the greatest President this country has had in more than 100 years.”-Shtuey, from Taylor « No Shame […]

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