Heads Explode!

So, Edwards endorsed Obama today. Yay!!! Hillary also said that she and her supporters need to support the nominee and not McCain. Good for her. And I do mean that. Let’s stroll over to Taylor’s Fever Marsh and check out some commenter reaction, shall we?

  • Percy says Obama bribed Edwards:
    I an sure Obama paid alot of money to John’s foundation.

    Do we have to see the picture?  

  • Kel is just soo upset:
    Me Edwards, why today and right after her immense victory????? HAve you no heart??? I undertand, Tay;or, it’s politics but..I just don’t understand, she wins with a 40% margin but I have not seen or heard anyone today standing up for her except us of course. Why is semator Byrd not speaking out???
  • Dave fears that the Maoists would oppress him:
    Sorry Hillary. You can tell me that it would be a big mistake to vote for McCain instead of Obama all you want to. I won’t vote for Obama, period, end of discussion. I don’t trust him and don’t believe one word he says. I sure don’t want the likes of Obama as President with the likes of Pelosit controlling Congress. I say this being a life long Democrat. I know people will say I am being paranoid, but with that bunch in power, I worry about the continuation of our democracy. I think Pelosi and are left wing crowd aren’t above anything that would give them and their Maoist type group stay in power. I don’t want a veto proof Congress with that group in power.
  • Texas Darlin blames it all on the He-Man Women Hater’s Club, or something like that. Poor Hillary, with the men ganging up on her. This whole ‘it’s all misogyny’ schtick is getting just as old as the ‘it’s all racism’ schtick that Obama supporters sometimes push. Grow up.  
    It was unbelievably disrespectful for John Edwards to steal this day from Hillary and her supporters. I call it cruel. This whole thing goes beyond politics. It’s just a mob of men shoving the girl down. It’s mean, it’s hurtful, we will not forget. All of them can go to hell.
  • PhxNickD shows the class inherent in the Clinton campaign, suggesting that Edwards ‘sold out.’
    this white class blue collar work does not buy JE’s endorsement of BO for anything less then it is, a sell out.

    i have been careful of what I posted and said about people, even in letters and emails I have sent out but this PISSES me off to no end. This guy is supposed to have my best interest in heart. FU*K HIM!

    Go ahead John attach yourself to another sinking ship, you asswipe.

  • PortiaElizabeth comes out as a Republican, which is perhaps not surprising, as most of these folks could really care less about progressive causes, it seems. Oh, and she is afraid of the scary black man, that mountebank. Nice association, Portia. No meaning in that at all.
    I understand that Hillary HAS to support the nominee even if it’s a mountebank (just found this word and love it) like O. If she wants to come back in 2012 after John McCain has given us 4 more years of Repubs, Hillary has to kowtow to the party.

    I understand that. But I won’t be running for office, so I’ll be voting for McCain. I’ve never hated and feared anyone more than O. I could no sooner vote for that mountebank than I could grow a third foot.

  • gonzotx comes out as a misandrist:
    Fu*ck Edwards..I hope he goes Bald and his teeth rot. I am beginning to HATE all men
  • Arabella Tinfoil..sorry, Trefoil, enters a parallel universe:
    This is good news. Obama looks like an idiot and Edwards looks like Eddie Haskell.
  • Dave thinks there are too many African Americans in the party. Classy, Dave.
    By the way, I am all for the nuclear option and that would be the destruction of the Democratic Party. Maybe something would rise from the ashes that could once again be a voice for me and not just for the left wing and African Americans.
  • blueprintblue blames the video games. Yeah, I don’t get it either.
    Why do all these young men hate women so much? Do you think it was too many video games?
  • lilscot prefers the echo chamber and shows class, as usual:
    I know you want to be inclusive but every time Obama’s people invade here it just turns your site into one big garbage heap and I will have no part of the dirtying of your precious site.

    See ya all.

  • PhxNickD sends angry emails. Ooooo.
    i will get busy sending out emails and mail messages immediately to them letting them know he sold us blue collar workers out big time. i really want edwards email, I am going to bombard his mail box

And the hands down winner is a doozy, a real class act. Ladies and gentlemen, the incredibly moronic, stupid, idiotic, and loserific schmuck that is O blah blah:

“I truly am stunned that anyone would support Obama with is islamist ties. and I’m sorry folks, but the guy does have dangerous, jihad type, islamist ties, many of whom are in his family.”

what the hell is wrong with people!

Do you folks think that this idiot has to practice at sounding stupid, or was it born this way?


6 Responses to “Heads Explode!”

  1. Cali Tejano Says:

    Oh Blah Blah sounds like one of those West Virginia voters who will vote for John McCain in November.

  2. bostondreams Says:

    No kidding. The fool gives new meaning to the term ‘moron’.

  3. Manamongst Hussein Says:

    Give them another two and a half weeks and they’ll turn on Hillary. My unprofessional estimate says there are about 40-50 morons that comment heavily on that site. out of that I would say most are moronic females with let’s just say, “issues” with men. The rest are trollerific moles for astroturf wingnut welfare thinktanks…what do you think they do all day while they’re getting paid for their beliefs??? Writing whitepapers…wrong! wrong! They surf and have their own little operation chaos’. They are trying to foment discontent…stopping the bleeding and exodus of all rational thinking conservatives from the republican party. Randi Rhodes stated weeks ago that the whole Limbaugh plan was to mask the actual discontented movement from the republican party by murkying-up the exit polling on party affiliation switches throughout the primaries.
    Becasue when it comes down to it…this is not a Kenya where we will have voter participation in the 90% range. We generally have the same core of 40-60% at the most participating in the electoral process.
    Now I know slopping around at Jeralyns site, TM, and NQ when you read many of the screeds, there is very little attention paid to many of their details. And many of the loony right wing core beliefs that no progressive or long-entrenched Dem would never bring up. Many of these names are changed…and many of them are nuts for the Borg-Queen.

  4. Manamongst Hussein Says:

    In the end, what they’ve done has worked minimally. They’ve got the “Obamacan” term off the media cycle…bottom-line. But in the end, the people that have left already clearly for Obama have given comfort to those contemplating the move for themselves.

  5. gimmeabreak Says:

    Hey, bostondreams –

    Thanks for stopping by the swamp that is my comment section and chiming in. Please come back soon. I have a real dearth of smart, decent people.

  6. Gatsby Says:

    Manamongst Hussein I completely agree with you, I’ve always figured TM has about 50 rabid posters that make her feel important because they post constantly. They are so funny, they love Edwards until he endorses, then they hate Edwards and say they’ve always hated him. Fickle bunch! And TM knows she has no Democratic audience so she’s trying to get these people fired up as much as she can, they are Taylor’s base too! If they go, who will listen to her podcasts from the basement?!

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