PPP asks what really should be an easy question to answer if these folks simply lived in a reality based community:

let me ask you guys this. Some of you have said if Obama wins you will vote for him because he is a democrat.WHY?
Why do you feel obligated to tow the line?
How can anything change if we just go along with whatever the dems do?
Most of you do not even like obama but you will still vote for him?HOW?
What have the dems done for you?
I think poeple should get a spine and quit talking this unity garbage. So what if he is a dem(supposedly!!). All these poeple on radio and TV want to talk about uniting and coming together for the sake of the party.

Why? Why vote for the Democrat if your candidate does not get the nomination? Two words for you! JOHN McCAIN! Geez! How silly ARE these people?


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