Ginaswo: Stop Making Fun of Me!

Ginaswo complains about folks mocking her comments. Poor thing.

on a sad and rather pathetic note,
one of the meanies said something similar with a very ugly tone about me on an anti TM site, and when my girl googled my username it came up and she saw it

my daughter saw some incredibly ugly things and was very upset, before I could stop her

I have to change my screen name cause I dont want her to fret over the LOSERS who spend their day snarking, critiquing and exposing their ignorance in general in their discussions of how I spend MY day, morons! I think they ight be GOPers tryng to hurt the Dems cause I cant believe any Dem would be so ignorant as to totally alienate their base this way.

Oh, gee, too bad. Because, you know, Gina, YOU have done SUCH a great job at ensuring Obama supporters come back in the fold. Grow some. Or, you know, your own candidate apparently has spare ones.


One Response to “Ginaswo: Stop Making Fun of Me!”

  1. Gatsby Says:

    Has a “comment of the month” been considered? I think ginaswo and sisterdo would be strong contenders, oh, wait, also shtuey, how could I forget shtuey?

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