The Marshians are Revolting..Through Email!

Our commenter and friend Gatsby shares this lovely bit from Taylor Marsh commenters:

Now Hillary Supporters are emailing SDs (they’ve posted all their email addresses on the Taylor Marsh site)
still writing my letter…

I suggest you guys set up 2 or 3 email acctn and write letters from those to these SDs….I work with some elderly people who have no computers…so I have 3 email acctns that I will writing these SDs from all 3 with diffrent letters….SUGGEST YOU ALL DO THE SAME

Sam Stein at Huffpo shares this news, and a likely typical delegate response. You go, Donna!

In one exchange, Donna Brazille, Al Gore’s campaign manager and a stalwart of the Democratic Party, responded with frustration to a writer’s threats of defection. “Honestly, this is the 9th email today,” she wrote before 8:00 pm. “So I believe you’re ready to not only destroy Roe versus Wade, voting rights, civil liberties and civil rights. Perhaps adding trillions more to the deficits through non-stop tax cuts to the wealthy and 100 more years in Iraq. Yes, please join Rush and McCain asap. The train has left. Catch it.”

Taylor Marsh, once again claiming that she is not responsible for the words or actions of others (but OBAMA is??Hmmm..) cries out:

I in no way have anything whatsoever to do with the narrative being pushed in Sam Stein’s post over at Huffington Post. Stop.

Whatever my readers are doing is their business. I am in no way involved. Stop.

Joe Gandelman, one of my favorites, has more on the story over at The Moderate Voice. Read the whole thing! And thanks, Gatsby. Sorry I did not get it up sooner!


2 Responses to “The Marshians are Revolting..Through Email!”

  1. Alex Says:

    Typical straw man attack. Stein made it clear that the email campaign was spontaneously started by TM commenters (and those at Hillaryis44). At no point did he say Marsh had anything to do with it.

    Another thing: I didn’t read through all of Marsh’s post — even before she went off the deep end, I stopped reading her because she takes 3,000 words to make four simple points — but from what I gleaned skimming it, it doesn’t seem that she ever chastised her own commenters. You’d think that purely as a matter of tactics, she could have told them to remain civil and express some solidarity for the Democratic brand.

    I could wrong about that, but if I’m right, that’s pretty shoddy.

    (BTW, I’ve been part of similar email campaigns trying to persuade SDs to step out for Obama, and the vibe is always to be respectful of them.)

    I did, however, get a good chuckle at her last couple paragraphs, in which she says that, yes, Obama supporters are all negative, all the time.

    Gotta love that Hillary bubble.

  2. Carol Says:

    You are right on Alex…Stein in no way put this on Taylor Marsh – he clearly said it was someone who posted the emails on TM’s blog. I too was waiting for her to remind her readers to be civil in their msg campaigns – but she doesn’t. It’s always everyone else’s fault over there – the Hillary worship approaches a disease. I wrote her what I thought of her diary on this and sure enough, my post was deleted after 1/2 hour.

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