The Hillary Clinton Deathwatch

Is the sinking ship her campaign…or the party as she takes it down with her?

The Hillary Clinton Deathwatch


3 Responses to “The Hillary Clinton Deathwatch”

  1. Gatsby Says:

    Now Hillary Supporters are emailing SDs (they’ve posted all their email addresses on the Taylor Marsh site)
    and creating multiple email addresses to create the impression of greater numbers
    I suggest you guys set up 2 or 3 email acctn and write letters from those to these SDs….I work with some elderly people who have no computers…so I have 3 email acctns that I will writing these SDs from all 3 with diffrent letters….SUGGEST YOU ALL DO THE SAME

  2. The Marshians are Revolting..Through Email! « The TM Experience Says:

    […] Marshians are Revolting..Through Email! Our commenter and friend Gatsby shares this lovely bit from Taylor Marsh commenters: Now Hillary Supporters are emailing SDs […]

  3. Natashca Says:

    Ya know what’s funny? There’s a young Clinton supporter on TM’s website who maintains that she worked for Clinton, and thinks it’s a dumb idea to vote for McCain. Goes by the name Diamond.

    They called her a troll.

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