Hey, yeah, let’s preach fiscal sanity and then ask for BILLIONS in pork spending. How do you spin THIS one, Hillary?


4 Responses to “Oink”

  1. lorac Says:

    Boston Dreamer – With all due respect, I think this site is really sad. Honey, you need to get a life. Perhaps if you add a site meter, you can see that you are talking to yourself. Seriously – look at all the work you’ve put into this blog. Isn’t there something more constructive and positive you can do with your time? I can only think there must be a lot of anger and unhappiness in your soul. Half of the democrats want Clinton to win. If you open yourself to the light, your Boston nightmares will cease.

  2. bostondreams Says:

    Actually, thanks for your concern. This little blog barely takes my time. And I am quite happy, thank you. I have a baby on the way, a wonderful wife, a great job, and the Sox, while struggling, are world champs. I am quite satisfied with my life. So thanks for your concern. I’m simply in the half of Democrats who believes Clinton should lose. I am quite open to the light, thank you, which is why I prefer Obama.
    As to blogstats, who cares? If my wife is my only reader, that’s fine. I ain’t atrios.

  3. Taylor Maid Says:

    If they’re telling you to quit it’s because you’re really winning. That’s an article of faith in the Martian community lorac. Oh and one more thing, Troll alert! Troll alert! The Troll lorac has violated this space. Shun the Troll!

  4. Gatsby Says:

    lorac, I love that Boston Dreams takes the time to highlight the stupidity of posters at Taylor Marsh as well as Taylor Marsh herself. If, by some miracle, I want to be reminded of why I dislike Clinton, Taylor Marsh and her posters, I just scan a few posts at Taylor Marsh. That’s all it takes. You Taylor Marsh posters do your candidate no favors but as Boston Dreams has frequently noted, you’re not that smart either so you wouldn’t see that. If you don’t like being made fun of, don’t read Boston Dreams’ site. Many blogs make fun of you but maybe it’s better that you don’t know.

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