Taylor Marsh: Silly Person

Taylor Marsh comments rather idiotically on Obama and Fox:

Meanwhile, as everyone worries about the African American vote, how about someone paying attention to the droves of women and Clinton voters who will side with McCain if Obama’s the nominee? Hello? Anybody?

Now, all of this political maneuvering and making his blogger base look like children doesn’t mean Senator Obama won’t be the nominee, given the math and the general spinelessness of Democrats to prefer rules over winning.

Once again, Taylor and her friends suggest African American voters and Obama supporters DO NOT MATTER, and that Clinton can win without them. It’s good to see Marsh throwing THE MOST LOYAL BASE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY FOR 60 YEARS under the bus. Look, even Marsh admits that the so-called ‘working class white’ is not always loyal to the party. And yet, these people are more important than the most loyal base of the party? And guess what, Marsh: Obama has a whole bunch of female supporters too!

And this bit: ‘general spineless of Democrats to prefer rules over winning.’ Wow. Ethics really matter to this woman, don’t they? Winning at all costs, rewarding someone for breaking the rules. How very..Republican..of her. Oh, and Taylor. About those rules…

Taylor, why are you throwing away all integrity? How dare you of all people mock Obama’s appearance on Fox News. You! When your own commenters sing the praises of O’Reilly and Hannity! HYPOCRITE!


8 Responses to “Taylor Marsh: Silly Person”

  1. Kyle E. Moore Says:

    Good lord.

    Rules… pft… who needs them?

  2. The Loony Left - Liberal Values - Defending Liberty and Enlightened Thought Says:

    […] Big Tent Democrat agrees with Stoller, which pretty much proves my point. The TM Experience notes that Taylor Marsh’s reaction was just as silly, which hardly comes as a […]

  3. dwightkschrute Says:

    It’s probably a lost cause trying to reason with any of them at this point, but it’s Clinton and her sycophant posse of Marsh, Johnson, Merritt, etc. that are helping create these conditions. Obama was holding strong with his boycott of Fox until Hillary and her kamikaze Clintonistas started getting chummy with the GOP playbook. On a regular basis No Quarter, Marsh, and Talkleft to have links to Obama takedowns on right wing sites, with the wingnut sites gleefully linking quid pro quo to every anti-Obama screed the Hillaryland blogs pump out. If you peruse the comments section of any pro-Clinton blog you’re guaranteed to see a large percentage of readers supporting the notion that Fox News has been the best in covering the primary.

    So we have Hillary out there not shying away from the use of any right wing attack – Wright, Ayers, flag pins, Muslim, etc. – with her minion propagating it online. As a result Obama’s getting the full-on crazy black man treatment and hemorrhaging white votes. With Indiana and North Carolina on tap he had to do something to try and battle the tide that was being created. Yeah I really wish he could stay strong, support the netroots, and ignore Fox, but can you seriously blame him?

  4. bostondreams Says:

    Dwight, hell no I cannot. Hey, goose, gander and all that.

  5. Susan Nunes Says:

    This blog is ultimately pointless. The only reason for it is to crap all over somebody who has the gall to support Clinton.

    At this point I don’t believe Obama will even get the nomination. He’s pretty much done for.

  6. bostondreams Says:

    You know, Susan, that is what you folks have been saying all campaign season. How you can support someone with the incompetence and negatives of Clinton..well, that is your choice.
    And this blog, well, sure it has a point. It allows the folks at Taylor Marsh to expand their audience at least a little bit. I am doing them justice!
    And if Taylor Marsh and her friends actually used reason and logic, then this blog would not exist.
    Anyway, thanks for visiting.

  7. Lloyd Webber Says:

    Susan…Don’t let the door hit your moronic ass on the way out. I could say your blog is extremely pointless and I will. The only point of your abortion of a blog is to spew your verbal diarrhea and oh btw, Samantha Power was right. Saint Hillary is a monster and all her supporters have soul cancer which they caught from her

  8. Gatsby Says:

    Susan, if you’re not entertained by the stupidity of Taylor Marsh and her posters, you should probably not read this site. Go post at Taylor Marsh so we can continue to be entertained. Taylor Marsh is an Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh wannabe with a hate-filled site complete with followers dedicated to the bile she writes. This and other blogs take the time to highlight some of the bile and stupidity at Taylor Marsh. No matter what happens in this primary, it won’t make Taylor Marsh supporters better people. A review of the posts highlighted on this site shows that.

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