The Grassy Knoll

Lilscot channels conspiracy:

Many have said that they feel the choice has already been made by the DNC and that they are just humouring us until they come out and announce Obama as the candidate.

I don’t believe that for one minute. If that was the case they would have done that by now. They wouldn’t wait until she started getting back up off the floor as she has done. If they were so confident that Hillary wasn’t the best choice they would have tried to force her out before Ohio.

They just didn’t plan on her continuing to win big. I actually don’t think they are biding their time in order to nominate Obama. I think they are biding their time in order to nominate Hillary but they are having to do it in a slow methodical way.

It’s taken them quite some time to lay out their little scheme, and it will take some time to unravel it. If they do it too quickly they know they will cause Obama and his ding-a-lings to commit publc discord and possibly violence.

Oh my. So the DNC now wants HILLARY to win, and they are just humoring Obama and his supporters now to avoid violence? Because, I guess, you know, those ‘people’ of his, pretty violent folks.
And these Marshians say that it is Obama supporters who are delusional?


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