Sisterdo of Taylor Marsh: Confused Idiot or Stupid Islamophobic Moron?


If Moyers did not ask…..Obama says he is a Christian, and you are a Christian. And yet your theology sounds like it has a crossover with Islam and Marxism. Is there any Marxism or Islam that is part of your theology, and if so how much of that faith does Obama share….then Bill Moyers is a propagandist.

And, of course, this lovely idiot has attended Trinity and is aware of Wright’s theology. What? She hasn’t? Oh. Then surely she is aware that Marxism and Islamism are COMPETING approaches to government, economics, and society? What? No, she isn’t? Oh. Then she is just spreading the meme that Obama is a Muslim in order to tar him with something that should in no way be negative. Considering that Marshians like Sisterdo are not interested in either truth or reality, it is to be expected.
Sorry for the tone. Sisterdo is just an idiot


One Response to “Sisterdo of Taylor Marsh: Confused Idiot or Stupid Islamophobic Moron?”

  1. Gatsby Says:

    Sisterdo is more than that, you’re being kind.

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