Legitimate Democrats

William rants:

No matter how this turns out, I would strongly reecommend that every Hillary supporter NEVER visit Kos, Huffpo or any of the pro-Obama sites again. Let’s see how they make do with one small segment of the Democratic Party as a reader and subscriber base. And I personally will never watch Olbermann again, or indeed any of the shows which feature a bunch of anti-Clinton pundits. I’ll miss following politics so closely, but I’ll get more fresh air, feel less stressed, and enjoy the ratings going down and the heads rolling. And I’ll spend my political time working for legitimate Democrats, not this bunch of corrupt elitists.

So, legitimate Democrats like former Republican voter Taylor Marsh? Or Larry Johnson? or one of the other lovely pro-Clinton/anti-Obama sites like Little Green Footballs, or the Corner, or Fox News? Good idea, William.
I love how we have all decided who gets to be a ‘legitimate’ Democrat. Who do you ostracize next?


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