On Uppityness

Courtesy of our friend gatsby, there is this lovely little bit from the oh so insightful and tolerant Patriot4Hill:

I hope if Hillary wins she throws all those UNGRATEFUL blacks under the bus, just like they did to her.

Damn uppity n*****s. Oughta know their place! What an asshole. And not a SINGLE other Marshian Maniac calls this UNdemocratic and racist SOB on it. Lovely people.


3 Responses to “On Uppityness”

  1. Gatsby Says:

    When I read that I could not believe it. There were some other comments right after the debate, one in particular saying “their little a****** couldn’t take the…” (it gets worse) and I thought this is exactly what the Taylor Marsh crowd is all about. Really ugly, ugly attacks which reflect the same on their candidate. The TM site has no idea how revolting it is and how bad they look. I hope someone is sending this stuff to the Superdelegates because when the Taylor Marsh crowd desperately appeals to them against every endorsement, the Superdelegates should know who these people actually are.

  2. Cali Tejano Says:

    Holy shit!

    Boston, if you think that’s bad check out my blog. My father called me a terrorist on the phone today.

  3. Gatsby Says:


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