Quote of the Night

Patriot4 Hillary, with a comment that just has to be posted in its entirety. How many stupid things, myths, and outright bigotry can you see in this one, dear readers?

I dont get it …. What are democrats thinking ??? Did they forget about about 9/11 ??? Did they forget about how Muslim extremists brought down two towers in New York ??? Now they want to elect B.HUSSEIN OBAMA as president ????

The same B.HUSSEIN OBAMA that wants to take away voting rights from millions of Americans.

The same B. HUSSEIN OBAMA who has a spiritual mentor that hates the United States.

The same B. HUSSEIN OBAMA that is married to a woman who has never been proud of America.

The same B. HUSSEIN OBAMA that thinks that millions of americans “cling” to their constitutional rights because they are bitter.

The same B. HUSSEIN OBAMA who has 90 percent of the black voters following him blindly. The black talking heads on TV mocking white America, and back to his spiritual advisor who also hates white America.

It will take Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O Reilly, conservative and moderate white people to save the democratic party from itself.

B. HUSSEIN OBAMA may be able to brainwash the latte drinking liberals in the democratic party to vote for him, but the Republicans will crucify this guy.

Yeah I am BITTER. Hillary supporters deserve as much blame as anybody. Hillary supporters have no backbone to stand up to the bots or the DNC.

I knew it when I read all the comments on this site and others about Hillary running as a 3rd party candidate. Nobody wants it because they are afraid it will tear the democratic party apart.

WELL NEWSFLASH … Your democratic party was done when they decided to aid the mainstream media into railroading Hillary, and when they decided to disenfranchise MILLIONS of voters because they did not support B. HUSSEIN OBAMA.

The democratic party we all knew and loved from the past is gone. The new democratic party is something sick and twisted, and has no chance against the Republican attack machine.

Hillary supporters could have helped stop this by not being so spineless and actually lobbying for a independent run by Hillary, but no you guys dont want to offend Dean and Pelosi and company.


And on that note, I leave the snark to you. It’s good to be back.

Oh, and before I go, the first response to this piece of trash (and that’s what this comment is, a piece of trash), pmichael points out helpfully:
Patriot4, be careful with the Hussein 😉
Taylor will jump all over ya. That’s a no-no in here. *L*

Good to see that pmichael is seeking to reel in this outrageous commenter. (/emsnark)



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