Obama: Not a Democrat

ani, with some doozies all in one comment!:

He actually insulted pro-choice democrats recently by saying many of us don’t appreciate that it’s a “wrenching moral issue” — oh really? Does this sound like something a true democrat would say? How insensitive and ridiculous.

Um…tell me how this insults ‘true democrats.’ Are you saying here that is is NOT a ‘wrenching moral issue,’ or are you saying that Obama is wrong for saying that many pro-choice folks do not see it as one?

He is setting race relations back in this country. No one else. All of us ARE equal and until we start debating each other fearlessly, and with fairness, we can never move forward as a nation.

Except, you know, when black folks (oh, I said folks!) point out white privilege, which Wright did in a rather crude and very brutal way, they are accused of not wanting to move forward. Please.

He says he can get all of Hillary’s votes, but doesn’t think she can get his. How arrogrant and dismissive — as if I will, as Chris Matthews says, “get in line in November” simply because I am a democrat. I don’t think so.

And when you do not vote Democrat, we have four more years of Bush. How utterly self-defeating. And don’t these Clinton folks realize the reverse is true? Why do they think Obama supporters will automatically vote Clinton, hmmm?



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