‘In the old days, there was a tree…’

You know, one thing that is apparent among Taylor Marsh’s friends is that they will use any resource whatsoever if it says something negative about Obama. As we mentioned before, they have referenced:
Human Events Online
The Corner at National Review
Bill O’Reilly
Rush Limbaugh
Laura Ingraham
Little Green Footballs
Sean Hannity
Pat Buchanan
Joe Scarborough
Red State

And now, the lovely Mr. Horowitz.

WHEN (besides Horowitz) are people going to admit this man can say *anything* racial that he wants – and get away with it. I remember when “You White people” was a phrase that would almost get you lynched. Obama implies it at least on a daily basis.

Let’s rephrase pmichael, shall we? ‘You know, back in my day, we lynched them boys for saying anything that implied bad stuff about their betters. Dang progress.’ And ani, THIS is why we don’t talk about race in this country.


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