Godwin! Elitism!

William’s comment is just full of win!

We live in a propaganda state. I do not enjoy writing something like that. I was never one to make wild assertions about “fascism” or “police state,” the way some on the left have done for years. But I don’t think that there is any other way to view it, when the media is utterly biased and relentless. How is this different than Goebbels’ Germany, or Stalin’s Iron Curtain?

William actually needs to you know, read a freaking history book if he thinks that the media is anywhere near either of the medias those two totalitarian regimes. William, you have been Godwined!

I cannot even imagine why so many people think negatively of her, when she actually cares for the common man and woman; she has real ideas, not platitudes, on how to make this country better; she seems made for the role of Commander in Chief. The only answer is the stupidity of the populace, accentuated by the endless drumbeat of media mockery and disparagement.

Americans vote for Obama and dislike Clinton because they are stupid. Oh, THAT’S the way to appeal to voters. Elitist!


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