Taylor Marsh to African-Americans: ‘Get Over It’

This post could also be titled ‘John McCain: Racial Healer.’ Taylor Marsh, in fine form , offers us this lovely little bit (bolded mine):

Courage seems to be tipped on it’s head on this 40th year since Dr. King was murdered. An aging white man, after far too long a wait as his conscience finally screamed out, comes to the scene where the greatest civil rights leader in American history was assassinated, to catch the heat and make amends. While the brilliant new African American political star pulls his punch and misses an opportunity to stand apart from historical racial prejudice against whites his community has every right to feel, but from which they must walk away to move us forward.

In other words, McCain, who Taylor JUST LOVES to praise constantly on her blog, is a courageous man for doing something that he should have done 40 years ago. And Obama is bad because he suggests that African Americans, as well as Whites, have a right and a reason to feel angry, but that it is time to move beyond it. So what Taylor is saying is that African Americans need to ‘get over it’ before we can move forward.
Let me tell you a story. I coached baseball one year at a school in Florida. One week in January, I informed a parent that I was giving my players MLK Day off. The response: a spit, then ‘We don’t recognize or celebrate that day for that *&^%&^*.’
So yeah, Taylor, its African Americans that need to ‘get over it.’ That is why Florida may be offering a Confederate ‘Heritage’ plate.

4 Responses to “Taylor Marsh to African-Americans: ‘Get Over It’”

  1. Cali Hussein Tejano Says:

    What bullshit. If McCain were truly sorry for his votes, then where was the apology when he ran for President in 2000? This is nothing more than a poltical stunt and we all saw through it.

  2. bostondreams Says:

    Except, of course, for Taylor’s friends.

  3. john brown Says:

    Just in case you missed it…

    She’s currently begging her fan club to write love letters about her to Air American and XM radio.

    The comments are, of course, amazing.

    I’m encouraging some email writing, too. Care to join?



    John Brown
    Keen Observer of Train Wrecks

  4. Gatsby Says:

    Oh Keen Observer I’ve written to both Air America and XM. Dull, self-congratulating, repetitive IMHO on her podcasts, hardly interesting or provocative. I might have mentioned she’s asking people to contact them.

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