Taylor Marsh Exposed

We would be remiss if we did not bring a wonderful post from an interesting blog pointed to by our friend CaliTejano. It’s all about Taylor Marsh! Here’s a bit of it, by the wonderfully named John Brown of Kansas:

If I wanted to Taylor Marsh myself, I could be the next big thing at HuffPo. Yeah, I’d have to cut out a lot of the “fuck” and “shit” you find here. I’d need a proofreader, too. I’d have to sacrifice anonymity and just go nuts with it… That’d be tough…

But if I was willing to be as brazen and audacious as Taylor Marsh, I’d be big time.

Maybe I’ll do that. Maybe I’ll make this blog disappear, buy a new domain, put together a hot looking site with a few glossies of me, write a check to Author House, upload a few “radio shows”, shine up my resume and go Big Time.

Maybe not.

Taylor, if you’re reading this…

Your punditry sucks ass, but you’re one helluva self-promoter. Use your powers for good instead of evil and you might just have a fan in John Brown.

I suppose the other Marsh lesson is even more important. If you’re listening to someone and taking them seriously, you might want to make sure they’re worth taking seriously. Am I? Is she? It’s worth some thought.




17 Responses to “Taylor Marsh Exposed”

  1. Taylor's Buddy Says:



  2. Gatsby Says:

    There is a part of me that rubs my hands at the idea of Clinton losing and seeing what happens to Taylor Marsh and her hate filled followers. Will she go full Ann Coulter? Will it turn into a GOP site? They watch Faux all day so it would make sense. They plan to all vote for McCain, so maybe she will go the way of Bill O’ and Sean H. She’s not a Democrat, she’s just an Obama hater and not in an objective way, she went after Obama for bowling! He can smoke all of three Legislative branches with basketball but he doesn’t bowl and this is an issue? It’s too ridiculous to even discuss. Her supporters went nuts because he asked about goat cheese at an Italian deli. Italian and French foodies are all about goat cheese and it’s good for you. These people seem to be competing for who can be the best customer for Cheez Whiz.

  3. pmichael Says:

    Gatsby, you are every bit as naive as the MSM and at least half the Democratic party. Obama could not now win even his own Senate seat against a half-way decent Republican opponent. The right-wing slam brochures are already in print (though it’s a big secret as they want to make *sure* Obama is the candidate). The swiftboat label of ‘Malcolm X Obama’ is about to make history. I’ve seen it. Rev. Wright is NOT going away.
    Barack Obama is about to single-handedly destroy the Democratic Party. This is a disaster of historic proportions.

  4. bostondreams Says:

    pmicheal, do you honestly believe that the exact same things cannot be done to Hillary Clinton? BOTH of them are going to be swiftboated; Clinton is just as ‘unvetted’ as Obama; wait until they pull out Bill’s links to Eastern European dictatorships and the donors to his library, not to mention all of the 90’s stuff with a renewed vigor. The right is salivating over Clinton too; who better to unite the base than the Clintons?
    If America chooses not to vote for the Democrat, that is their choice. American gets the president it desires. Both candidates have split the party. Perhaps it deserves its fate, whatever happens.

  5. Gatsby Says:

    pmichael my point was about Taylor Marsh and her crowd which I dislike intensely but I could talk about Obama vs. Clinton all day long. Bostondreams is spot-on. Clinton is not remotely vetted, hasn’t been since 1996 and has a negative polling that is astronomical. Yes Obama will face huge challenges but Clinton will as well and added to that you have a Clinton over half the country knows and dislikes with a long history of untruths and overstatements that will be used against her time and again. The reason Bosnia struck with such damage is because it reinforced Clinton’s tendency for lying. And since then, several other lies have been uncovered. Please do not try to paint Clinton as more electable. She’s just not and you and Taylor Marsh ranting about it doesn’t make it so.

  6. pmichael Says:

    Gatsby, I’m no huge fan of Hillary. However, I do not want to see another four years of the Cheney doctrine. At this time (especially if Colin Powell or Rice is McCain’s VP) – I see only two solutions that MIGHT save the Democratic party. The 1st is the Cuomo solution, AKA the 16 year ticket. They both have their flaws – but at least that throws all the fanatics into one basket. The only other solution is the 3rd candidate (Gore?) – and if it keeps going like it is – that may be the only solution left. (But don’t forget if Obama is NOT the nominee – we’re looking at a 3rd party backed by Bloomberg).

  7. Gatsby Says:

    Colin Powell is not who he was before he testified. Completely beatable. Rice is not equipped to be a president and has managed foreign policy horribly. Completely beatable. There are other VPs that could be challenging but these two are not it and it is solely because of mistakes they have made while in office. I question the reality of a 16 year ticket with the elephant called Bill Clinton in the room and that goes either way whether Obama is above or below the line. Obama has so far earned the right to be above the line and considering the way Clinton has managed her campaign, starting with every possible advantage, for him to take a backseat would seem illogical. And for her to take VP is not going to be well-received by Clinton, your counterparts at TM, or even those who have been working with Obama for sometime to create an Administration that moves us forward. Once again, the Clintons would be the ones holding everything back. I know you post to TM and your posts imply some objectivity but Clinton supporters think Clinton is “the one” while refusing to see that times have changed, this is no longer the 90s and this country would be so much better served by a new approach. Clinton’s greatest support comes from the “devil you know” demographic.

  8. pmichael Says:

    Gatsby, your comments are well-thought but I must disagree on your approach to Rice and Powell. You speak of ability and policy. That’s unfortunately not what the average voter looks at. We live in a time where ‘image’ is far more important (which is why Obama is getting a pass on his associations with an anti-America racist church). That’s also the Only explanation for electing a moron as president. I have plenty of right-wing contacts – and Colin Powell is still one of the most loved and admired African-Americans in their opinions. It would also remove the ‘vote for race’ issue in the GE. Rice would remove BOTH the ‘sex’ and ‘race’ issue (“and ‘our’ Black person doesn’t defend traitors”). Republicans aren’t stupid (well – check that for some of them). They see what’s going on – on the other side of the fence.

  9. Mark Simmons Says:

    Who the hell is John Brown? At least Marsh uses her real name. I find it hilarious the Obama supporters who have threatened anyone and everyone in their path are upset over 1 or 2 pro Hillary sites that exist on the internet. They spew anti Clinton garbage hourly that would make any wingnut blush.

  10. Gatsby Says:

    I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on Powell and Rice. Since the only demographic I expect Obama to appeal to are Democrats, Independents and anti-war Republicans, those are the very segments that would have the greatest objection to either Powell or Rice for the very reasons that they both so strongly supported the war. How could anyone from that segment vote for a McCain/Powell ticket after he testified for the war? How could anyone vote for a McCain/Rice ticket after the past eight years?

    Many of these are the same voters that have a hard time with the Clintons. Not only her votes, but there is something very disturbing about Bill Clinton (who I voted for twice) saying in interviews that he was against the war from the beginning. That is an absolute lie. Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy advisors are all ones that were pro-Iraq invasion. And she supported the war initially against many in the Democratic Party who were fighting against the vote prior to elections: http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/A64509-2002Sep10?language=printer Hillary supported the war against the misgivings of members of her own party. Members who are now supporting Obama. Hillary’s support of McCain and her Lieberman approach to Iraq imply positions different than what she says in her stump speeches. Her approach to healthcare during her husband’s term was also more in keeping with an all or nothing approach that got exactly that – nothing.

    Granted, I’m not focused on image, I’m focused on content, positions and track record. Image can definitely be helpful, but as an example with Wright, I know those ads will be pretty bad. But I also know people who say controversial things that I ignore. I understood Obama’s point. Do I think Obama has a challenge there? Yep. Do I think all three candidates have built-in challenges? Absolutely and you know them as well as I do. I take the bad with the good and for me, Obama’s cup is the most full.

  11. destardi Says:

    pmichael my point was about Taylor Marsh and her crowd which I dislike intensely but I could talk about Obama vs. Clinton all day long. Bostondreams is spot-on. Clinton is not remotely vetted, hasn’t been since 1996 and has a negative polling that is astronomical. Yes Obama will face huge challenges but Clinton will as well and added to that you have a Clinton over half the country knows and dislikes with a long history of untruths and overstatements that will be used against her time and again. The reason Bosnia struck with such damage is because it reinforced Clinton’s tendency for lying. And since then, several other lies have been uncovered. Please do not try to paint Clinton as more electable. She’s just not and you and Taylor Marsh ranting about it doesn’t make it so.


    This is RICH.

    1)Stop looking at biased polls; Obama’s negatives are right at Clinton’s level

    The difference? It took Hillary 16 years+ to achieve her negatives; Obama only took a few months. Good job!

    2)The thing you’re forgetting, dear Obama “i have my blinders on” Lover, is that
    a)Americans seemed to have voted based on PERSONALITIES and perceived strengths, not obvious policy/political ties; witness GWB the “compassionate GOP UNITER”, and he’s sure someone I could have a beer with!
    b)Obama seems to have the personality thing down now; but after the GOP brings up ALLLLL of the many dots related to race specifically (and we’re not talking one or two) and connects them for the American people, that personality quotient is DESTROYED.

    Sorry, but whatever straws you’re grasping at about political ties with Eastern European dictators (which one(s))? in short term history, when compared to a PERSONAL choice of Obama to support a church espousing values based on Jim Cone’s inflammatory, purely racial rhetoric, for TWENTY years, not denouncing that church which he’s literally a part of for awarding a “lifetime achievement award” to a bigoted, anti-semitic DIVISIVE figures such as Louis Farrakhan…

    The American public will run screaming in the other direction.

    And rightly so; the US President needs to lift up and represent every member of every sex, religious, skin color, sexual orientation, American…not just a select group.

    Have you read either of Obamas’ books?

    OOOO, just wait til the Republicans expound on THOSE…from the horse’s mouth…

    If Hillary was truly the evil, baby eating woman you haters have called her, she’d have outed Obama a long time ago.

    No such luck.

  12. patsy Says:

    The best way to the top it seems is to either ride on someone elses coat tail or on there back. Let me explain something to you, although I am pretty sure the intent is to become known by destroying the character of someone else.

    There are many people out there that tell there form of news in one way or another. Some use the truth, and others part of the truth. What I wish is that everyone would start thinking about the welfare of our country instead of meaningless things that have no baring on the nation as a whole.

    Why is everyone so threatned by Taylor Marsh? Or is it the fact that we would rather go somewhere else than the other blogs? I dont know about anyone else but I have the RIGHT the GOD GIVEN RIGHT to voice my opinion and ask questions I think is relevant to our country and the welfare of the people as a whole. I started out excited by this election and then it turned into something else.

    But let me give you my reasoning. Yes, I think Taylor Marsh is independent journalism at its best. Why? Because there I dont have to get threats of DEATH from fanatical supporters just because my opinion differs from there own. Yes, I had a wonderful person send me a message and I quote verbatim: “I hope you die the next time you go to Iraq you stupid cu** , for supporting the stupid cu** who sent you there.”

    Since deploying is a reality of life for me, since I am in the millitary. I DONT have to subject myself to those things just because I want to have a voice and a choice in this upcoming election. Everyone is so concerned with smearing people and dollar signs they forget about the people who are sitting and watching on the sidelines wondering when everyone will snap out of it and realize that we have people losing jobs, dying, cant afford gas, health care and losing there homes.

    So please forgive me if I dont understand charecter assassination coming from someone who is doing what I thought we all had, and were able to take part in, freedom of speech. I never, never thought I would get a glimpse of the type of people so hell bent on focusing on irrelevant things.

    Does the CNNs and MSNBCs seem like they care about reporting the news? Reporting about the issues? They care about ratings. So I fucking applaud Taylor Marsh for what she is doing. Have you ever tried posting on there? CNN, ABC etc etc? They only want the comments that will keep people coming back for more. They dont want to hear about how your loved ones are going without lights or cant afford to put gas in there car. They dont care about that job your mother just lost or that factory your uncle worked at closed after thirty years.

    So forgive me. Forgive me for going to a place where no one laughs at you or tells you to get a life. Forgive me for wanting to not be belittled or spoken negatively to. Instead of the people of our country becoming outraged that the media refuses to focus on the issues. We attack those that are doing a part, even small, on getting that information out there.

    Yes, this is a historical election. Historical in the fact that so many people want a person so bad that they are willing to not only speak negatively, but give threats of death as well. I have sent HUNDREDS of emails and letters to the media but no one cares because they have picked who THEY want for president. Instead of knocking down the bloggers who are trying to get the information out there, you should try lifting them up.

    In my entire. In my entire time, in the Army, I have never had as many threats, unkind words, and hateful comments as I have had since I stated that I support Hillary Rodham Clinton. I have been called racist against my own race, since I am african American and do not support Senator Obama.

    My job is about serving others. And the one time you want the people of this country to stand up and thing about someone other than themselves and think about the welfare of the nation, they wont. Instead, they go on attack. But I say this as a Non Commissioned Officer, who will NEVER QUIT, NEVER GIVE UP, AND NEVER LET ANYONE BRING THEM DOWN… that there is NOTHING, anyone can state about Taylor Marsh that I will care about. Because she did what our own party, officials, and chosen candidates were able to do. She gave people the opportunity to be able to discuss, conversate, and talk about the issues without having to worry about logging onto a site and being banned.

    If the world paid more attention to there choices and decisions, maybe people like me wouldnt have to subject themselves to being called names just to get there voice heard. So I say to all that realized that the best way for there blog to come up right now is by trashing her, I dont care. I dont care because I have family struggling. I dont care because I had a soldier die. I dont care because it wont put food on my table, gas in my car, or keep the lights on. But by all means continue to do so if those things affect you.
    -the resident soldier on taylor marsh

  13. bostondreams Says:

    “And rightly so; the US President needs to lift up and represent every member of every sex, religious, skin color, sexual orientation, American…not just a select group.”

    And Hillary Clinton is that president? Every President in American history has been more refelctive of one group or another. Name one president that has ever represented ‘every member of every sex, religious, skin color, sexual orientation…not just a select group.’ Name one.

  14. bostondreams Says:

    destardi, Bill Clinton may not have ties to eastern European dictators. It’s actually more like central Asia, helping one of his ‘friends’ negotiate a mining deal during dinner with the ruler of khazakstan. And as to Farrahkhan, well, the Clintons sure had nice things to say about him during the Million Man March. As to Obama’s books…ooo. You know the Republicans are coming thru Bill and Hillary’s bios very carefully. Why, she has already been exposed as ‘misrembering’ when her own bio disagreed with her campaign claims about Bosnia.
    patsy, I salute you for your service, but the Clintonites even on Taylor Marsh are just as vicious and disgusting concerning Obama. Try being a feminist and supporting Obama. The reaction is the same that you get in the other direction. And more power to Taylor Marsh. Good for her. Her free speech is not be infringed, and neither is yours. Debate and discussion is good. But debate and discussion does not occur on Taylor Marsh. Its an echo chamber. That’s fine, but when people criticize, that’s life. The same goes for Daily Kos or this site. AND DEMOCRATS WHO CLAIM TO PREFER McCAIN OVER OBAMA ARE NOT DEMOCRATS. THE POLICY POSITIONS BETWEEN THE TWO (CLINTON AND OBAMA) ARE VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL.
    As to the economy, those factory jobs are not coming back. Gas prices are not going down. The next President, whether Obama, Clinton, or McCain, needs to make that clear and prepare Americans for the new economy, the global economy.

  15. pmichael Says:

    patsy …

    You’re really exceptional when it comes
    to your ‘opinion’ … but you need to cut
    it to less words for people to actually listen.
    Think “Sound Bite” – then make your point.
    One simple “Where’s the Beef?” can replace
    an entire speech.

  16. Gatsby Says:

    Stop looking at biased polls; Obama’s negatives are right at Clinton’s level

    destardi, what are you basing that on if not the polls?

    I have acknowledged that Obama will have challenges to overcome, but do Clinton supporters not see the challenges facing Clinton? And how do Clinton supporters explain the poor way Clinton has managed her campaign? If it was Patty Solis Doyle’s fault, why did they wait so long? If it is Mark Penn, why is he still dotted line to the campaign? At the end of the day, the Clinton campaign is responsible for the results and that goes directly to the top, meaning Clinton. If she is basing her campaign on personal loyalty, that is very much like what we have seen with George Bush. How do Clinton supporters justify her lack of any challenge to caucus states, to red states, to broad campaign funding support and to any strategy beyond February 5th? What does that say about Clinton’s ability to lead the country if vendors from multiple states are going public about their not having been paid after several months?

    These are not personal attacks Patsy, and I do not make personal attacks nor do I resort to expletives to make my argument. The very thing that you accuse Obama supporters of doing, I have found endlessly posted on Taylor Marsh. Comments so filled with the personal, the expletive filled, that any content of value is almost impossible to find. I find it surprising that Taylor Marsh herself is not disturbed by it. Which is one of many reasons I am not impressed by Taylor Marsh. Based on her posts, I think she encourages those kinds of comments rather than substantive debate.

  17. Ellen Says:

    You are spot-on here. Patsy, sorry to say, but TM has the nastiest, hate-filled posters I have ever seen. Their comments are nothing but hate rants on Obama and his family and ANYONE who does not praise Hillary. I have been asked to leave and called vile names every time I have posted a question about things they say….as I hinted I might not be a hillary supporter – and I have seen others who are not pro-Hillary be treated the same. So please, taylor marsh has a real problem. The DailyKos and HP posters are very often immature brats who don’t know what they are talking about….hate filled people who post on anything – you can see that – they aim to shock. TM, on the other hand, is simply filled with hate for Obama and will not admit to any positives on him.

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