Dropping a Knowledge Bomb!

Hill08, not actually grasping history, needs a knowledge bomb!:

Zogby — is an Obama Super Delegate. Does it get more incestuous then this? I don’t trust him or his polls. Meanwhile we have economic problems which are serious enough to cause a Depression. Hillary Clinton is another Roosevelt — Obama is another Hoover. Screw him and his pastor, his hate filled wife and his total ignorance of history. Obama seems to hate all of us who will not vote for him. So we can expect nothing from him but more preening in front of a mirror. The worst thing about Obama is that HE WON’T DO ANYTHING FOR THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY. HE DOESN’T GIVE A CHIT. Obama just wants the presidential perks and the power.

Wow, this comment is full of so much wrong it could be packaged and marketed as ‘Taylor Marsh Commenter Brand Ignorance: Now With 50% MORE Ignorance!’ Let us address each point:

1. John Zogby is the pollster. His brother James Zogby is the Obama superdelegate.

2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, liberal Democratic icon that he is, did NOT end the Depression. That is a common myth of American History texts, and one that I refuse to teach. Most economists and historians credit WWII mobilization for ending the Depression, for what should be obvious reasons (redirection of industry, the un/underemployed men got drafted!). Is Hill08 saying Hillary will be involved in a World War? (/emrolleyes) In fact, unemployment jumped during his administration, after dropping briefly!

3. Obama cannot be Herbert Hoover. That would imply he was, you know, already President. A hopeful thought, but wrong. And, by the way, you could do a whole lot worse than being like Herbert Hoover!

4. Clinton supporters seem to hate Obama, rather than the other way around.

5. And you know that ‘Obama won’t do anything for this country’ how? His platform is barely distinguishable from Clinton’s!

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is Your Knowledge Bomb of the Day.


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