Blue Collar Clinton

Cognitive Dissonance, apparently not understanding what ‘blue collar’ means:

hunkerdown, I loved that speech you linked to. And it again underscores why blue collar folks prefer Clinton to Obama. She knows what they (we) need.

Oh, I’m sure. Because you know, Hillary and Bill really know what it is like to have to get by on between 10 and 50 million bucks a year.
And Obama? He and his wife really are worth about 1 million bucks. Not chump change….but a whole lot closer to blue collar than the Clintons.

(Incidentally, check the incredible HYPOCRISY of the Clinton campaign in that last link:

“I am pleased that Senator Obama has released his tax returns.  I think that’s a good first step.  Now he should release his records from being in the state senate and any other information that the public and the press need to know from his prior experience, because I think that, you know, we should continue to make available the information that we have,” she said in a press conference.

OMG. You really just have to


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