A Marshian Ignoring the Truth? Never!

Jawbone, who apparently can’t handle the truth:

I clicked off after Schuster said something about records showing Hillary had no role in passage of the Family Medical Leave Act.


Need help, Jawbone?

The former congressman who shepherded the Family and Medical Leave Act through Congress sought Thursday to debunk Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) claim to the legislation, saying she “never had anything to do with it.”

Former Rep. William Lacy Clay, Sr. (D-Mo.) is circulating an email disputing Clinton’s claim that the law is one of her more meaningful domestic accomplishments. The presidential candidate says she helped lobby for the bill’s passage and signing in 1993.

But Clay, who was joined by Senate sponsor Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.), said the bill had already passed by large margins when it passed in 1990 and 1992 before it was vetoed on both occasions by former President George H.W. Bush.

“All we needed was a president to sign it,” Clay said. “The president signed it, and we’re grateful for that but there was no lobbying by him or her.”

The Hill has obtained a copy of the Clay email rejecting Clinton’s claims to have been instrumental in bill’s becoming law. The former congressman writes, “If Hillary played a role in its passage, it was without my knowledge.”

Boy, these folks are in for a rude awakening.


6 Responses to “A Marshian Ignoring the Truth? Never!”

  1. Gatsby Says:

    Someone posted this link from the Taylor Marsh site and I read that site to see what the Clintonites are saying. Does anyone realize this group is not very large but emails and calls everyone hourly screaming about how they should ensure a Clinton win? What is funny is every time they try to pack a poll or write a letter of complaint, I use the same link they are using to do the opposite. But if you need links to the DNC, Pelosi, Dean, any media outlets, go to Taylor Marsh. They are trying to give the impression they are this huge movement for Clinton. Sometimes I feel bad for them until I read the hateful comments and think yes, these are the ones supporting her. Taylor Marsh wants to be the Democratic Ann Coulter. Not a good representative of the Democratic Party to say the least.

  2. jawbone Says:

    Folks just need a real awakening. Read on….

    Judy Lichtman, who led the FMLA effort on behalf of the Women’s Legal Defense Fund (WLDF) – now the National Partnership for Women and Families – disagreed with Clay’s assessment.

    “I would say her help was important, it was strategic,” Lightman said.

    Lichtman told The Hill that Clinton had been instrumental in making FMLA a high priority in former President Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign after Lichtman and the WLDF approached Clinton during the primary season.

    In her memoirs, Clinton remembered discussing the act during her speech at the Democratic nominating convention in 1992.

    “Without her approaching her husband, we would’ve never had his strong support and making it such a high priority,” Lichtman said.

    Lichtman said that Clinton and Vice President Al Gore did in fact lobby Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill prior to the bill’s passage to ensure they wouldn’t “stall” the bill by adding an “anti-gays in the military” amendment, which she said can be supported by contemporary press accounts.

    Lichtman conceded Clay’s point that the bill had passed by wide margins in previous votes, but she said that “didn’t matter.”

    “They weren’t veto-proof,” she said.

    Lichtman also said that Clinton helped pursue expansion of the act in her capacity as First Lady, an assertion Clinton also made in her memoirs.

    “For the Obama campaign or anybody else to claim that she didn’t have any leadership on these important [issues] is just untrue,” she said. “I don’t have any interest in exaggerating her role.

    “We didn’t say she single-handedly led the effort. Let’s get real.”

    From Page 2 of your link to The Hill.

  3. bostondreams Says:

    The point, jawbone, remains that the bill would have passed without Clinton, and would have been signed by a Democratic president. It amounts, ultimately, to a he said-she said, and this will be repeated in the general election no matter what Clinton or Obama claims as experience. Clinton brought the exaggerated experience claims on herself. She, of course, deserves to have them exposed before the GE as a method of ‘vetting’ her. That is all.
    At least it is not little green footballs or sean hannity, which you ‘Democrats’ and ‘liberals’ praise constantly.

  4. bostondreams Says:

    The Marshians and the Clintonites are the petulant children that threaten to take the ball and go home if they do not get there way. The polls show this, as they whine that they will never vote for Obama. And then they accuse the Obama supporters of not being true Democrats, or that they do not matter as much as so-called ‘lunch bucket’ democrats.

  5. Pre-Hiatus Top Ten « The TM Experience Says:

    […] my dear readers (some of whom are apparently Marshians, as blog stats have gone through the roof. Someone in the Swamp mentioned us. yay!), here is a Top Ten of recent Marshian Clintonite […]

  6. Gatsby Says:

    bostondreams I have had great fun with the Taylor Marsh people. Here’s a game to play: I don’t post to Taylor Marsh because it is best to be anonymous. So when they post a link to another site, I post to that link, referencing someone at Taylor Marsh. I say whatever I want to say, then I go back to the Taylor Marsh site to see their reaction. Can’t do it too often because it loses its novelty but from time to time it is great fun and they get really angry. I just keep posting my reactions to the responses they make at Taylor Marsh and it takes them a bit to figure out that I’m reading it. These people are beyond belief. Some of the examples of their comments posted above are classic but there are others that should be on late night TV. David Letterman could have a field day with some of them.

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