Taylor Defends the Press!

Taylor Marsh, reacting in her comments section to those who are angry at the media discussion of Clinton’s Bosnia trip:

With due respect, riverdaughter, I’ve written on swiftboating for years, including lengthy pieces on it. If you don’t remember the Patriot Project in 2004, it was ground zero for swiftboating, in which I was intensely involved. This isn’t swiftboating.

Additionally, no one is saying Clinton doesn’t have foreign policy experience, so there’s no need to get defensive.

Wolfson was reading from “Living History.”

Clinton misspoke about the event. It happens. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t a dangerous situation.

As for Clark, that has nothing to do with this situation. Of course it was dangerous, which is where Clinton should have ended it.

Credit where it is due; Taylor at last refuses to defend a Clinton ‘mistake.’

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