The Real Jeremiah Wright

Unlike Taylor Marsh, there are those in the progressive blogosphere that actually care about the truth. Robster over at Calitejano links to two videos ‘discovered’ by some folks over at DU. Now, we will link to both of Rob’s posts, but we are also trying to get these videos more play. We are a small blog, of little significance, but please, if you read this at all, and you blog at all, get these videos viral. They are what Wright ACTUALLY said! We have NEVER seen anything taken more out of context!


After watching this video clip (thanks SunsetDreams @ DU for finding this) of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s sermon on September 16, 2001, I’m convinced that Fox News Network needs to be sued for slander by Barack Obama.

If you pay attention to the sermon at the 3:13 mark, you’ll notice that Rev. Wright talks about comments made by an Ambassador Peck that appeared on Fox News Network shortly after the 9/11 attacks. However, when a portion of this video clip was reported by Fox News Network, did you notice that it was edited so it appeared that Rev. Wright spoke about “chickens coming home to roost” as if it was in his own words?

This is reporting at its worst, and another reason why the Fairness Doctrine must be restored once Barack Obama becomes president.


(Thanks to obamian @ DU for finding this video)

It is now officially time to get outraged at the shoddy reporting of the mainstream media. This is the infamous “God damn America” video in its entirety, and once again the entire message changes when you view the whole segment of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s sermon.

UPDATE: Check this link for more context on the ‘Roost’ video!


15 Responses to “The Real Jeremiah Wright”

  1. Cali Tejano (Robster) Says:

    You’re going to hate me for this, but I had to move the blog. Click on my user name and bookmark it for future reference. Thanks.

  2. Cali Tejano Says:

    Thanks, man. In case I don’t hear from you during the weekend, have a Happy Easter.

  3. zee Says:

    And wimps like you are so very much the reason why Obama must be and will be stopped. Your first instinct is to suppress free speech. Please little boy, do a little googling and you will find that your precious Obama’s political ideology resonates completely with Wrights messages. It’s called socialism and I am sure you will make a fine little brown shirt.

  4. bostondreams Says:

    Zee, where in the hell do you get the idea that I want to suppress free speech? Where? I don’t see any evidence for it. I served this country and took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States so that fascist little worms like you can spew your venom. And you wouldn’t know a wimp if he kicked you in your no doubt ample ass. And as for socialism, it is the ‘conservative’ government of GW Bush that has perpetuated a war that has done absolutely nothing to maintain American security; instead, we are losing Afghanistan. And it is GWB that expanded government to an unprecedented degree, with an expansion of medicare, the Patriot act, and so on.
    Zee, come back here when you actually have some understanding of American liberty, the origins of this country, and what socialism actually is. I am an American, first and foremost. I have loved and served this country proudly, and I continue to do so, for good or ill. It’s always the hippies like you and that reformed Stalinist David Horowitz that become so obsessed with some leftist agenda, perhaps because you simply are stuck in the wars of the 1960’s. Like Wright. Though Wright was serving his country as a Marine and helping to save the life of LBJ in the 1960’s, while you were apparently trapped in some hippie haze.

  5. zee Says:

    I’m sorry, but your rant has little credibility, given your support for Obama. And I don’t care where Wright served any more than I give a damn about McCain’s, Kerry’s, nor Bush’s service. The men they have become and the harm that they can and do inflict weighs heavier than whatever merit may accrue from prior service.

    Fairness Doctrine is censorship. End of story.

    And I know all I need to know about Obama or any politician who dares to suggest that they will demand a damn thing out of me or supports an agenda that will change this nation into the cesspool Great Britain and much of Europe has become. I bet you signed on for the Global Poverty Tax, global freaking warming, admire Soros , and are for universal health care – oh, but none of that crap is socialism.

    Why the hell did you ever fight for this country if you are going to stab her in the back? No, hippies were a disgrace, of that I have no doubt, but so are men whose hearts have turned away from America and then they dare make self-righteous claims about their service as some type of backhanded tribute.

    An AWOL heart is an AWOL heart. Traitors are traitors and Obama is an America hating socialist, poverty pimp.
    End of story.

  6. Ron Says:

    Oh, look, a neocon troll! Neat! I didn’t know there were still some around who would admit to it. Love to see the look on your face when you have President Obama, moron. How old are you anyway?

  7. Ron Says:

    Hey, Boston, it’s a chick. From her website:

    So, be warned. Hell hath no fury as a woman who has found her allegiance and rediscovered her country. I’m an American. Do.Not.Fuck.With.Me.

    BWAHAHA!!!!I revise my question! How much do you weigh? Please, little girl, do some more drugs, you haven’t learned a thing from them.

  8. Just Me Says:

    Zee: “Blah blah blah is (a) blah blah blah. End of story.”

    Translation: “I don’t have to substantiate my name-calling, because it is self-evidently true. My conclusions are always correct, because they are my conclusions. If you disagree with me you hate America and want to stab her in the back.”

    See how trolling works? Wheee!

  9. Kyle E. Moore Says:

    BD! Just wanted to point out that I covered this, and here’s the short end of it: Obama and Wright were lynched. Pure and damn simple. This was a deliberate political hit taken out on these two so that people could attack Obama on race.

    In lighter news, you seriously need to go check out the TM comments for the Boznia story. My brain broke about three comments in.

    As for Zee, from someone who spent ten years in the uniformed services defending this country, I take offense. The greatest act of patriotism is to die for one’s country. The next greatest act of patriotism is the voice of dissent that keeps the country on the right path.

  10. bostondreams Says:

    You know who else accused veterans of stabbing his country in the back? HITLER! Way to go, Zee. Ha. Incidentally, I support Obama over Clinton in part because I am opposed to mandates in universal health care. And incidentally, that cesspool of Europe has a higher life expectancy than the US, and their economy is larger, with the Euro worth a whole lot more.

  11. zee Says:

    I am pleased to see all of your reactions, confirming that I have nothing in common with the traitors who plaster a flag over their treason and smile while carrying water for race hucksters.
    And given that unrepentant, old, drug addicted hippies form the core of your foul, little circle jerk party, I find it amusing that you attempt to denigrate my opinions based on that background.
    But that is fine, I understand that you need your delusions in order to function and god knows I wouldn’t want to see cripples flailing on the ground by suggesting that the crutches that you haul your piss filled souls around with are as incapable of holding substantial weight as your snake oil selling Obama is capable of of being an American.

  12. Of Better Angels And Lesser Demons » Comments from Left Field Says:

    […] Not only does she have ties to it, but is at times motivated by this influential prayer group that pushes a socially conservative agenda.  That’s not very much in keeping with the precepts of the Democratic party, now is it?  It looks worse when you confront that with Obama’s ties to Wright, a relationship in which he denounced the controversial statements of the preacher, and it should be noted that the hit piece regarding Wright was grotesquely taken out of context. […]

  13. Kyle E. Moore Says:

    BD, dftt

  14. Hal O'Leary Says:

    I think we have heard enough from all the right-wing crazies we need to.
    If their insanity does not set you straight, nothing will. If the dangers they represent to humanity weren’t so dire, one could almost laugh at the ironic truth that the so-called “Christian-Right” is neither Christian or right.

  15. bostondreams Says:

    Heh. Good point. But then, we will never stop hearing them.

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