Thoughts on Taylor Marsh: Concern Troll?

So, the TM Experience has been following the rantings of Taylor Marsh for awhile now, and really, it seems as though she is nothing more than a glorified concern troll. She excuses her commenters as ‘passionate activists’ while allowing an incredible amount of simply stupid, silly, wrong, bigoted, or racist things to dominate the discussion, most of which we have documented here. Recently, she wrote a semi-angry/defensive post in which she says her commenters are tame compared to the Obama blogs. And then she shares a comment from a retired Marine who says that Obama deserves ‘no consideration’ or ‘fairness.'(She notes too that ‘You got to love Marines.’ Apparently, you only get to love them if they say things you agree with, since she has nothing good to say over former Marine Jeremiah Wright).

Taylor Marsh cemented her status as a GOP apologist today. Keep in mind, she has already admitted to being a Reagan Democrat elsewhere on her blog. Today she linked to, gleefully, a video created by Lee Habeeb, a conservative radio producer for Laura Ingraham, among others (but then, as we noted here yesterday, Taylor Marsh Democrats are supporters of Laura’s show), and her commenters have a field day, as we pointed elsewhere on this blog. Indeed, most of her posts today are gleeful screeds about how Obama ‘blew it’ and how he really has shown himself to hate white people because he said that his grandmother is a typical white person, and typical white people do not always react positively to black men walking down the street toward them. And guess what, Taylor, he’s right!

So, Taylor Marsh and her commenters, good Democrats all, are gleeful over the problems encountered by the first African-American candidate for president. They accuse him of being anti-American, of being racist, of being sexist, of being unfair, and of disrespecting and betraying Hillary Clinton. Indeed, she and her ilk have accused, in posts, comments, and elsewhere, the African American community, liberal paragons like Ted Kennedy, and Obama supporting feminists of betraying Her Royal Highness Hillary Clinton. And they link, approvingly, to right wing hit jobs on Obama, purposely misrepresenting him and challenging his very bonafides as a patriotic American and as a progressive, going so far as to link him to terrorism (while blissfully ignoring Clinton’s own links to terrorism, corruption, and even what the right may paint as treason; see here, here, here, here, and here).

So, the question we have to consider: is Taylor Marsh, and by extension her commenters, a GOP operative and ally of Republicans, or is she a concern troll who is oh so concerned about the party in the general election? We here at the TM Experience are leaning toward the former, and if Obama does not win the nomination, we look forward to continuing to highlight the hypocrisy that is Taylor Marsh and her Marshits. Because suddenly, when Little Green Footballs and Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity start doing their thing, they will cry out at how unfair it is…and wonder why people who may have supported Obama are simply laughing at the irony.
We will be, as we watch Hillary Clinton’s pasting at the hands of VRWC make Obama’s treatment look kind.


3 Responses to “Thoughts on Taylor Marsh: Concern Troll?”

  1. Alex Says:

    I’m optimistic about an Obama nomination. At which point, there needs to be major healing and a cooling down of the rhetoric between the two camps — and this is right and proper. What is not right and proper, however, is that true hate-mongers such as Taylor Marsh, Susan Hu and Larry Johnson be allowed to perpetrate the fiction that they in any way deserve to belong to the netroots.

    I say there should be a drive after Obama is nominated to purge them from the netroot blogrolls, or label them correctly as “Wingnut Blogs.”

  2. John Brown Says:

    I don’t think she’s GOP and I don’t think “concern troll” gets to the heart of it. She’s definitely hacking for Hillary and she isn’t the sharpest wit in punditry, but mainly I think she’s just good at getting attention.

    After trying to figure out a little bit about her, I cobbled together a Taylor Marsh bio here:

  3. libhomo Says:

    If you are angry about Marsh’s dirty politics and her racism, the best thing to do is to contact her advertisers and ask if they want to be associated with her.

    Here is her blog:

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