Taylor Marsh: Guilty By Association?

So, we here at the Taylor Marsh Experience have noticed a consistent pattern about Marsh and her commenters, when they link Obama to those who support him, and then accuse him of being secretly racist/bigoted/sexist/homophobic/Muslim/radical/left wing/right wing/Black Nationalist/eater of Santa Claus. So, let’s just look at a list of friends that Taylor’s Cohort have praised in her comments.

Human Events Online
The Corner at National Review
Bill O’Reilly
Rush Limbaugh
Laura Ingraham
Little Green Footballs
Sean Hannity
Pat Buchanan
Joe Scarborough

Ok. That’s enough. We threw up a bit when we saw Little Green Footballs. It’s SO CLEAR that these folks claim to be progressives. Anything that speaks ill of Obama is naturally good, even if it comes from a questionable source. Anything that speaks of Clinton is naturally evil, because it comes from a right wing source. Why do they not see the problem here? Can anyone answer that?


4 Responses to “Taylor Marsh: Guilty By Association?”

  1. Alex Says:

    If and when Obama wins the nomination, I’ll be counting the nanoseconds for Taylor Marsh and No Quarter to suddenly develop a mad crush for John McCain.

  2. dwightkschrute Says:

    I think as of today Taylor Marsh, her site, and her commentors can officially be labeled as part of the GOP machine. This morning she posted the video hit job on Obama that was put together by the guy behind Laura Ingraham and Hugh Hewitt. It’s a vile piece of work that interweaves Obama with Wright, Malcolm X, and the Black Power salute at the Mexico City Olympics – all set to Public Enemy’s ‘Fight the Power’. She posted this without any indication or explanation of who was behind creating it and why. And as sadly has come to be expected her commentors lap it up and say how “powerful” it is.

    These people are certifiable. In the comments for just that post the level of racism is gut turning.

    “The only way to deflect the “white guilt” is to focus on the heart of the issue-God Damn America.”

    “Just laughable, black radical chic.”

    “does anyone see this hateful speech, which according to Obama and Donna Brazile, is common in black churches, as being part of the reason so many young black men, proportionately, are in the criminal justice system?”

    and this jaw dropper…

    “I can just imagine, if he became President, he would have people like the Black Panthers and other terriost, in the country,taken over this country, block by city block, we would be like people in third world countries, being led by a terriost such as Obama.”

    I don’t want these people in the Democratic Party I’m a part of. Taylor, please take your perverse hate and your twisted followers to the GOP where you clearly would be more at home.

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