McCain Democrat Alert: Taylor Marsh Commenters Support War in the Middle East

Rick Taylor comments on the dangers of McCain, over at Taylor Marsh:

I just posted on this on another thread, so I’ll just repeat myself here. Anyone who lives in a swing state and who’s seriously considering sitting out the November election or voting for McCain if the democratic nominee they favor doesn’t win, please please please consider this gaffe. This is a level of ignorance about a vital American interest that ought to be unthinkable in someone running for the Presidency of the United States. We’ve been living the last seven years with an administration with strong ideological opinions and very little actual competence, and we’ve seen the results. This country and the world can’t take another four years of this.

The reaction? Well, mostly predictable:

I’ll vote for McCain (or write Hillary in) if Obama is the candidate. I will vote straight Democrat down ticket. I’m not “ignorant” or “uninformed”, nor am I a fool.

I had a request for donation to Obama from Ted Kennedy today. How dare him put me on his mailing list. I’ve asked to be taken off his and Kerry’s list months ago. I just sent it back with a demand to take my name off their list. It’s going to take a while to get over anger at the Democratic party.

and here is nzanh:
I have never voted for a Republican since I began to vote in the early 80s. And of course, Hillary is the candidate that I’m backing to the end. I believe she will be the nominee after a hard fought battle. However, in the event that does not happen and BO actually pulls it off, I probably will have to vote for JM. He’s certainly would bring a lot of experience with him and I do like the way he does’t kow-tow slavishly to the conservatisve line. He also works with Dems–much more than BO ever has. A case can be made that he is more the uniter than BO. Also Hillary seems to have more confidence in JM than BO. She has indicated that with her own words. BO’s arrogance and duplicity makes him a non-starter with me.

You know what is funny? If and when Obama wins the nod, and if he loses the general election because pissed off Hillary fans who laughingly call themselves ‘Democrats’ vote for McCain, they will blame the Democratic Party and will refuse responsibility for putting a Warmonger into office. All because their savior Hillary, she who can do no wrong, did not win the nomination. Here is there preferred candidate in an Obama versus McCain race:


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